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ASR Mission Statement
The American Saddlebred Registry shall guarantee the purity of the breed through the establishment, maintenance and publication of an accurate register for the recording of pedigrees and the transfers of ownership of the American Saddlebred Horse. The Registry shall, in addition, administer the recognition and prize programs associated with the breed.

About The American Saddlebred Registry
The American Saddlebred Registry registers approximately 2,000 horses a year and documents approximately 4,000 transfers of ownership annually. Pedigree information is readily available to owners and breeders. Our microfilm archives hold over 80 years of Saddlebred history and records.

The Ameican Saddlebred Registry hosts a number of recognition programs to honor outstanding American Saddlebreds. Saddlebred Record allows horses competing in USEF licensed horse shows to accumulate points and earn the right to have "CH" (Champion) or "CH-EQ" (Equitation Champion) become part of their registered names. Saddlebred Select honors the achievements of American Saddlebred horses in recognized competitive events through a point system. Pleasure horse awards honor top pleasure horses each year at the state and national levels. Sport Horse Year End Awards recognize the achievements of American Saddlebreds in Sport Horse disciplines through a high point year-end program.

The American Saddlebred Registry also manages the prize programs, which reward breeders, trainers and exhibitors more than $1 million each year. These prize programs – Kentucky and National Futurities, Sweepstakes – all offer considerable cash prizes as incentives for breeding and showing quality American Saddlebred horses.

Broodmare Hall of Fame
The Broodmare Hall of Fame is another recognition program conducted by the American Saddlebred Registry. A complete list of Hall of Fame Broodmares and standards is now available for download.

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