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Saddlebred Record is designed to provide a reference source of current and accurate information concerning the breeding records of Saddlebred stallions and mares, to identify successful breeding combinations, to identify and honor the outstanding performers of the show ring, and to keep the history of the breed. Upon earning enough points at USEF-licensed Saddlebred competitions and being approved as a Champion, a horse will be awarded the permanent "CH" prefix to its name on ASR records. Saddlebred Record Champions, along with their sires and dams, are acknowledged each year in the American Saddlebred Reference Directory.

  • American Saddlebreds competing in the performance, park, show pleasure, and country pleasure sections must earn 15 points.
  • Only 3 points at a single show will be allowed. 
  • Only 3 points won in "In Hand" classes will count toward the total of 15 points required to earn CH status. 

Upon approval by the ASR Board of Directors in 2013, the following changes have been made to the Saddlebred Record Program, effective June 1, 2013.

  • Exceptions:  An exception may apply in the event a championship class is changed to a stake class at a USEF licensed competition when qualifying has been waived.  Horses earning championship class points must have qualified in a prior class.  (see the Saddlebred Record Champion Rules - Exceptions)

Upon approval by the ASHA Board of Directors in 2009, the following changes have been made to the Saddlebred Record program, effective December 1, 2008. 

  • The Country Pleasure section is now included in the Saddlebred Record program with the same requirements of the other Saddlebred sections.
  • All regular member USEF-licensed Saddlebred competitions are eligible for points.
  • All Country Pleasure points earned prior to December 1, 2008 will be converted on a 6:1 ratio and will be added to any other points, if any, earned in other Saddlebred sections. Example: a horse has 65 Country Pleasure points earned prior to Dec. 1, 2008 and 5 CH points earned in other classes. The 65 Country Pleasure points will convert to 11 CH points (rounded up). Combined with the 5 CH points, the horse has a total of 16 points and is eligible to apply for Champion status.

In 2010, the directors of the Association and Registry approved the addition of an equitation section to the Saddlebred Record program. For equitation achievements, a horse can be honored by affixing a "CH-EQ" designation in the Registry's permanent records.  In some cases, equitation results may not have been received or the name of the horse was not available. Horses with equitation records can have points added with proper documentation of competition results.  A worksheet to list competition results has been included with the CH-EQ application and rules for purposes of researching results not recorded with ASHA/ASR. 

♦  American Saddlebreds competing in Saddleseat and Pleasure Equitation sections must earn 15 points.
♦  Only championship and finals count for points.
♦  A horse that wins the Triple Crown (Senior UPHA Challenge Cup, NHS Good Hands and USEF Medal) is automatically
    eligible for CH-EQ status.  This may be over a horse's total show career and can be with multiple riders. 

American Saddlebreds who have been mounts for riders earning the Saddle Seat Equitation Triple Crown (the "Good Hands" National Horse Show Saddle Seat Event; the United States Equestrian Federation Saddle Seat Medal; the United Professional Horsemen's Association Challenge Cup) are the first horses honored, and as such, form the foundation of this new section. These horses are:

CH-EQ Vanity's Sparkling Coin
CH CH-EQ Glenview's Warlock
CH-EQ Magic Marauder
CH-EQ One Step Above
CH-EQ Callaway's Will Gillen
CH CH-EQ CF First Light of Dawn
CH-EQ Amandari
CH-EQ Kiss of the Zodiac

Guidelines for Saddlebred Record (CH) and Saddlebred Record Equitation (CH-EQ) can be found by clicking on the links below.

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