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The Sport Horse Committee of the American Saddlebred Registry (ASR), in conjunction with the ASHA's Charter Club Council, is proud to announce an initiative to identify professionals in the equestrian industry who are interested in being identified and available for assistance in evaluating American Saddlebreds and Half American Saddlebreds for the Sport Horse disciplines; marketing those individuals to the Sport Horse community; training those individuals for those disciplines; instructing and coaching riders and drivers for those disciplines with American Saddlebreds.

The individuals on this list have provided their contact information to the American Saddlebred Registry.  Those interested in purchasing, evaluating or training an American Saddlebred for participation in the Sport Horse Disciplines may contact them directly to enlist their services.  The list is divided by State and includes the discipline(s) that individuals have indicated they would like listed with their contact information. The information is listed merely as a service to those interested in the use of the American Saddlebred in the Sport Horse Disciplines.

If you would like to have your name added to this list please complete this form.

Sport Horse Incentive Program 

The American Saddlebred Registry (ASR) is proud to announce the details of the Sport Horse Incentive Program.

As part of this program, which is designed to identify and reward owners of registered Saddlebreds and Half-Saddlebreds competing in the Sport Horse Disciplines, horses registered with the ASR or HSRA competing in disciplines including all-breed dressage, driving, endurance/trail, eventing, show jumping/hunters and reining are eligible for prize money, based on their participation and performance.

To be eligible, horses must be registered Saddlebreds or Half-Saddlebreds, and must be enrolled annually for a fee of $100 for the Incentive Program. To register your horses, download the following forms: American Saddlebred Application for Registration and Half-Saddlebred Application for Registration.

Western and Cowboy Dressage Proposal

2013 Sport Horse Incentive Winners
2012 Sport Horse Incentive Winners
2011 Sport Horse Incentive Winners

Sport Horse Year End Awards Program

The Sport Horse Year End Awards program is designed to acknowledge, reward and promote the versatility of the American Saddlebred within the various disciplines and are open to both registered purebred and registered Half Saddlebred horses. Disciplines in which horses may earn points are: dressage, driving, hunter, jumper, eventing, and distance riding (competitive trail riding and endurance).

2013 Year End Award Winners
2012 Year End Award Winners
2011 Year End Award Winners

Competition Report Forms

High Point Neck Ribbon Awards Program

For American Saddlebred and Half Saddlebred horses enrolled in the Sport Horse Year End Awards Program and competing against all breeds at open shows, a plan has been implemented to recognize the Saddlebred or Half Saddlebred with the highest score at that competition. A neck ribbon is presented at shows recognized by national (USEF) or discipline regulated (USDF, AERC, USPC, etc.) open all breed shows. Awards will be sent upon the request of individual competitions; so if you are planning to show this year, be sure to ask show management to contact the ARS office for a neck ribbon in each sport horse discipline. Please download the form to request a ribbon for your show.

Rules for requesting and awarding the American Saddlebred Sport Horse High Point Award:

  1. The American Saddlebred Sport Horse High Point Award will be available upon request by the show management of national (USEF) or discipline regulated (USDF, AERC, USPC, etc.) open all breed shows.
  2. All Sport Horse disciplines will be eligible.
  3. The owner of the sport horse must be a member in good standing with the ASHA at the time of the event; exhibitor will be required to show ASHA membership card as proof of current membership.
  4. The horse must be enrolled in the American Saddlebred Sport Horse Year End Awards program; there is a one-time fee of $25.
  5. The owner must provide a copy of the horse’s registration certificate (either ASHA or Half Saddlebred) to show management; the certificate will have a sticker that verifies the horse is enrolled in the Sport Horse Year End Awards Program.

Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Awards

Designed to recognize the accomplishments of specific breeds in dressage, these awards are presented to horses declared for a participating registry/organization (PO) with USDF. While “open” is the standard division and “Training through Grand Prix” are the standard levels for all-breeds recognition, optional division awards can be presented in the following categories: freestyle, adult amateur, junior/young rider, vintage cup, FEI young horse, dressage sport horse breeding or material.

Specific All-Breeds Award Rules
A horse must be declared with USDF for a participating organization (PO) by August 1 of the award year in order to participate in the all-breeds award program. Horses previously declared will remain declared for that organization.  Declarations can be made by submitting breed papers to USDF, along with your horse’s USDF number. Owners should access the list of all-breeds awards participating organizations on the USDF Web site. Once an all-breeds declaration has been made, it cannot be changed. Exception: The owner may change the declaration of their horse to another organization with which the horse has registry papers, upon written request to USDF, for the following reasons: (1) A participating organization joins the all-breeds program after the horse has already been declared with another all-breeds participating organization, (2) A participating organization discontinues its participation in the all-breeds program after the horse has already been declared with that organization. If the horse is eligible for multiple registrations and not previously recorded with USDF, the owner must make a choice of organization for the purpose of USDF all-breeds awards only. If there is no all-breeds PO for a horse’s breed, the owner may declare for one that is participating, before September 30 of the award year.
Horse and owner must meet all requirements of the PO.

The requirements of the American Saddlebred Registry as a Participating Organization are as follows:
The horse must be registered with the American Saddlebred Registry or with the Half Saddlebred Registry of America.  The owner must be a member of the American Saddlebred Horse Association.

For additional information regarding this program, please click on the following link  or call (859) 971-2277.


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