American Saddlebred International Youth Program

This exciting, multi-level program, open to youth 21 years old and under, offers every young horse-lover the opportunity to learn about the history, development, care and feeding of American Saddlebreds, and other pertinent information about horses in general. Educational materials designed to provide important facts and general information are tailored to three skill levels, and include year-end art, literary and photo competitions.

Participants may earn certificates and any or all of six achievement badges by completing requirements for each. Badges are currently offered for Horsemanship, Showmanship, Tack, Grooming, Colors and Markings, and Junior Judging. These handsome badges, embroidered in bright colors, are great for attaching to a jacket or sweatshirt.

No matter what your special interest or talent, ASIYP offers a wide array of competitions with something for everyone. They are open to any youth currently enrolled in ASIYP, all ASHA junior members, and any member of an ASHA Youth Club. Competitions are held each year in two main categories:

Activity Division Horsemanship Division
Art contest Judging classes
Photography contest Horsemanship
Computer art contest Pattern riding
Oral presentation or essay Showmanship at halter
Story contest Written test
Video contest  

Any youth involved with the American Saddlebred horse can now earn a letter, similar to a school activity letter, which can be sewn on a jacket or sweater. This letter can be earned by any youth 21 years of age or under, who completes all three ASIYP levels, a certain number of Achievement Badges, essays, references, and other American Saddlebred-related activities. By earning this handsome letter, you will be recognized for having put diligent, sincere effort into learning about horses in general, the American Saddlebred in particular, and having put that knowledge into practical application, thereby bettering your experiences with horses.

As you work your way into the upper levels of the ASIYP program, you will find yourself learning more about American Saddlebreds in particular. You will also find that your general horse knowledge has expanded considerably. Best of all, you are not required to own a horse to participate! You may compete as an individual by contacting the Youth Coordinator at the American Saddlebred Horse Association, and riding clubs, 4-H clubs, ASHA youth clubs, and other bona fide groups having an adult leader are also urged to participate. It’s exciting, educational and fun!
For more information contact Melinda or Carlton Huntoon at or 630-844-3533.

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