ASHA Junior Exhibitor Driving Challenge

The ASHA Junior Exhibitor Driving Challenge, funded by Elisabeth Goth, was developed to promote the American Saddlebred driving divisions among junior exhibitors. Competitors 17 years of age and under are adding driving to their horsemanship portfolios as horse shows add Driving Challenge classes to their class list. This program was designed with the intention of promoting both good sportsmanship and driving skills with ASHA youth members. All horses winning a ribbon in two official qualifying classes in their division are eligible to compete at the finals. Custom trophies and ribbons are offered in qualifying events, with $10,000 in cash and prizes available at the finals.

To include an ASHA Driving Challenge qualifying class to a show, have the show secretary or manager contact Brenda Newell at (859) 475-1461, or by email at

ASHA Junior Exhibitor Driving Challenge Rules

Rules for Participating Shows:

Classes are offered in two different divisions –Country Pleasure and Show Pleasure driving.

  1. Shows must offer both classes, with a trophy and 8 ribbons awarded in each class.
  2. Classes must be judged in accordance with USEF.
  3. Upon receipt of the application to host the classes and the show’s current prize list, ASHA will forward the medallions and ribbons for the designated classes; a penalty of $25.00 will be charged for not submitting the application and prize list prior to the start of the show. Otherwise, there are no fees to host the classes.
  4. It is the responsibility of the hosting show to provide ASHA with an official copy of the class results, which must include the horses’ names and names and addresses of the recorded owners and exhibitors, within 30 days of the close of the horse show.

Rules for Eligibility:

Horse must be a ribbon winner (ANY placing) in two official qualifying classes in the same division to be eligible to compete in that respective division of the Finals, i.e., a horse must compete in two Country Pleasure qualifying classes to be eligible to compete in the Country Pleasure Driving Challenge Final.

  1. Different drivers may show the same horse in the qualifying classes, and one driver may qualify different horses; however, one of those drivers who qualified the horse must show the horse in the final.
  2. A first place win does not eliminate a driver from other Driving Challenge classes during that qualifying period.
  3. The winner of a final is not eliminated from further competition.

ASHA reserves the right to make changes or decisions regarding this program.

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