ASHA Junior Judging

The ASHA Junior Judging program was developed to educate youth by expanding their understanding of class and show procedures, conduct, specifications and priorities for judging the American Saddlebred horse.

No matter what aspect of involvement with American Saddlebreds most interests you, expanding your knowledge will accomplish several things. The most important will be your own enjoyment of your horse. Secondly, ASHA Junior Judging provides the fun and satisfaction of working with other youth who share your interests. Finally, Junior Judges very often discover that their love for judging lasts a lifetime, and the contributions they can make to the breed are unlimited.

Complete information packets are available through ASHA for youth leaders and horse show managers interested in holding junior judging contests. These educational and instructional packets contain rules, scoring system, sample judging cards, questionnaires and pre-contest educational ideas and suggestions. 

Request your packet by contacting Brenda Newell at



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