ASHA Saddle Time

This is an incentive-based program that rewards youth with gifts and recognition for spending quality hours in the saddle.

How it works

Partcipants keep track of the time they spend riding. Owning a horse is not a requirement to participate. Special Saddle Time awards will be given when you complete various hour levels. For example, riders will receive a patch and a lapel pin once 50 hours of riding has been completed; a patch and shirt when after 150 hours; a patch and a tote bag when once 200 hours is completed; and additional gifts and recognition as Saddle Time hours accumulate. Hours count in the following activities: trail riding, lessons, parades, drill team and non-USEF recognized events and shows (a 4-H show is a good example).

Saddle Time Rules

  • Must be a current and active member of ASHA.
  • Levels one through three do not have to be accumulated on American Saddlebreds.
  • Levels four through six must be earned on registered American Saddlebreds.
  • Time recorded begins upon ASHA's receipt of enrollment fee. There is no time limit as long as membership stays active.
  • Hours are recorded on the official hours log report by the honor system.
  • Hours required for each award are cumulative.
  • Ownership of horse is not required.
  • Hours will count in the following activities: trail riding, lessons, parades, drill teams and non-recognized events/shows.
  • Hours will not count in the following activities: USEF recognized events/shows, competitive trail rides, endurance rides, driving, grooming and hot walking.

Saddle Time Awards 

  • 20 hours: patch and certificate
  • 50 hours: patch and lapel pin
  • 100 hours: patch and cap
  • 150 hours: patch and shirt
  • 200 hours: patch and tote bag
  • 250 hours: patch and award with short story and photo in ASHA youth newsletter, Junior Junction.


Download ASHA Saddle Time Application
Saddle Time Achievements

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