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American Saddlebred

Members and non-members have access to wealth of information about the American Saddlebred online, including to unlimited viewing and downloading to our current and archived American Saddlebred magazine. The official publication of the American Saddlebred Horse Association, a bi-monthly featuring the horses and people making news today, along with veterinary and legal commentary, history and a world of information on Saddlebreds. An added attraction is the magazine’s annual supplement, Journal of the American Saddlebred/Saddlebred Reference Directory, the statistical "Bible" of the breed, which is available for members only.

Members will have access to the breed’s comprehensive database to look up for ownership history, pedigree, show records, get of sire and produce of dam listings — the background you need to make informed decisions about show horses and breeding stock. Members will also have access to stables and services listings, in addition edit and manage profiles, contact information, bios, horses, horses’ photos and videos, trails, and meadows.

Members and non-members have access to a variety of programs paying tribute to the accomplishments and versatility of the American Saddlebred horse through various programs, such as Prize Programs, Youth Programs, and Charter Clubs.

ASHA Website provides you access to American Saddlebred News, Committee and Personnel listings, membership renewal or sign-ups, and many more.

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