Committee Roster - 2014





[President is an Ex-Officio Member, Ex. Dir. is a non-voting member, of all Committees]

Standards/Rules - ASHA Staff Contact:  Katriona Adams
Jimmy Robertson, Chair
Bill Whitley, Vice Chair
Elisabeth Goth, Chuck Herbert, Bridget McNeese, Lori Nelson (ex-officio), James Nichols, Nancy Noble, Fred Sarver

Development (Fundraising) (Ad-hoc) - ASHA Staff Contact:
David Rudder, Chair
Judy Werner, Kenneth Wheeler

Committee Policies
[President is Ex-Officio Member, Ex. Dir. is non-voting member, of all Committees]

Established per Bylaws:

Bob Funkhouser - President
David Rudder -Vice President
Stacey Kipper-Perrelli - Secretary
David Mount  - Treasurer
Additional Members: Randy Cates, Elisabeth Goth, Tandy Patrick

Nominating Committee for Directors
Bret Day, Chair
Kristen Cater, Kim Cowart, David Rudder, Kenny Wheeler

Nominating Committee for Officers
Holy Nichols, David Mount, Matt Shiflet

Standing Committees per Bylaws:

Audit/Internal Controls
Dr. Margaret McNeese, Chair
Kayce Bell, Vice Chair
Tom Effrmeyer, Chris Long-Schubert

Equine Welfare - ASHA Staff Contact: Lisa Duncan
Kathie Dunn, Chair
Karen Medicus, Vice Chair
Dr. Nancy Trent Crump, Mark McCracken, Nealia McCracken, George Anne Nash, Kathleen Ross, Bob Ruxer, Rachel Shoemaker

David Rudder, Vice Chair
Chuck Herbert, Holly Nichols, Susan Shepherd, Kenny Wheeler

Human Resources and Compensation 
Tandy Patrick, Chair
Randy Cates, Vice Chair
Dr. Margaret McNeese, James Nichols, David Rudder, Matt Shiflet, Kenny Wheeler

Marketing - ASHA Staff Contact:  Michelle Krentz Partridge
Allen Bosworth, Chair
Bob Funkhouser and Stacey Kipper, Vice Chairs
Lauren Ashe, Randy Cates, Jackie Hale, Amy Haller, Melissa Moore, David Mount, John Scheidt

Pleasure Disciplines (includes subcommittee on Western/Hunter) - ASHA Staff Contact:  Katriona Adams
Scott Matton, Chair
Suzanne Bradshaw, Vice Chair
Mike Arnston, Susan Aschenbrenner, Betsy Boone, Paul Briney, Fran Crumpler,;Barclay DeWet, Vicki Gillenwater, Sally Jackson, Fay Lowry, Terry Meade, Jessica Richardson, Liz Schultz, Janet Thompson, Tom Thorpe, Joan S. Todd

Youth (Including Auction and Scholarship) - ASHA Staff Contact:  Brenda Newell
Germaine Johnson, Co-Chair
Kaelyn Donnelly, Co-Chair
Ron Merwin, Chair Auction
Vicki Gillenwater, Chair Scholarship
Renee Biggins, Vicki Gillenwater, Katy Hannah, Jeana Hein, Lori Jackson, Alice Lear; Parker Lovell, Sally McConnell, Carol Matton, Louise Miner, Leslie Rainbolt-Forbes, Kay Richardson, Andrea Steponaitis

Ad-hoc Committees:

2015 Annual Meeting Planning (Savannah/UPHA) - ASHA Staff Contact:  Brenda Newell/ Michelle Krentz Partridge
Bob Funkhouser, Chair
Jackie Hale, David Mount, Leslie Rainbolt-Forbes

Media/Publications - ASHA Staff Contact:  Michelle Krentz Partridge/Cynthia Lowell
Randy Cates, Co-Chair
Christy Parsons, Co-Chair
Becky Damron, Jackie Hale, Kim Skipton, Susan Shepherd

Riding Lesson Council - ASHA Staff Contact: Michelle Krentz Partridge
Betsy Boone and Stacey Kipper, Co-Chairs

Kentucky Betsy Webb, Nancy McConnell, Renee Biggins
Iowa Jennifer Louw
Minnesota Kris Brutoco, Cary Bartz
Nebraska Jonnie Surland
North Carolina Parker Lovell
South Carolina Mary Lou Greenwell
Connecticut Jon Douglas
New Hampshire Kristen Cater
California Anne Speck
Illinois Dale Arnston
Louisiana Barbe Smith
Texas Erin Kilray, Paul Cates
Virginia Nancy Troutman
New Jersey Jessie Richardson, Nealia McCracken
Pennsylvania Kim Blaker
Alabama Jackie Hale, Jennifer Alvis
Tennessee Kari Hester
Ohio Kathy Boggs, Mary Waikman
Georgia Christy Parker
Florida Pam Roush, Lark Henry
Indiana Danelle Howser
Oregon Alison Deardorf
Colorado Jamie Volz
Michigan Jodi Higdon

Rules and Performance Welfare Advisory Committee - ASHA Staff Contact: Lisa Duncan
Elisabeth Goth, Chair
Chuck Herbert, Vice Chair
Rudi Beneke, Fran Crumpler, Bret Day, Smith Lilly, Lori Nelson (ex-officio), Tandy Patrick
Dr. Hugh Behling, Judy Werner, Non-voting Advisors  

Task Force: Election of ASHA Directors 
Holly Nichols, Chair
Leslie Rainbolt-Forbes, Vice Chair
Barbara Goodman Manilow, Tandy Patrick, David Rudder

Young Adult - ASHA Staff Contact:  Michelle Krentz Partridge
Bret Day, Chair
Tandy Patrick, Vice Chair
Lauren Ashe, Marie Bouvet, Julianne Butler, Ashley Craig, Brian Eagleton, Rachel Griffis, Ashley Hallock, Nick Maupin, Kerri McDaniel, Jessica Moctezuma, Cydni Simmons, Andrea Steponaitis, Matthew Williams, Andrea Wolkoff

WCHS Advisory Committee
Randy Cates, David Mount, Tandy Patrick


Committee Policies

[President is Ex-Officio Member, Registrar is non-voting member, of all Committees] 

Nominating Committee for Directors - ASHA Staff Contact:  Lisa Duncan 
Chuck Herbert, Chair
Judy Werner, Kenny Wheeler

ASR Staggered Term Election Committee (Ad Hoc Temporary Subcommittee)
Judy Werner - Chair
Scott Matton, Janet Thompson, Kenneth Wheeler

Audit/Internal Controls 
Bret Day, Vice Chair
Keith Bartz, Jim Ruwoldt, Judy Werner

Breeders - ASHA Staff Contact: Patricia Edwards
Bret Day, Chair
Brian Curran, Vice Chair
Mitch Clark, Louise Gilliland, Larry Hartsock, Sandy Lilly, Joan Lurie, Melissa Moore, Danette Musselman, Don Schilling

Bylaws - ASHA Staff Contact: Lisa Duncan/Katriona Adams
Gail Kline, Chair
Kim Skipton, Vice Chair
Brian Curran, Scott Matton

Carl Holden, Chair
Brian Curran, Vice Chair
Chuck Herbert

Futurities, Kentucky and National - ASHA Staff Contact:  Patricia Edwards
Smith Lilly, Chair
Melissa Moore, Vice Chair
Susi Day, Nelson Green, Larry Hartsock, Joan Lurie, Scott Matton, Joe Russell, Fred Sarver, John Scheidt

Mare Harmony - ASHA Staff Contact:  Lisa Duncan
Scott Matton, Chair
Brian Curran, Vice Chair
Gail Kline, Don Schilling

Registry - ASHA Staff Contact: Lisa Duncan/Katriona Adams
Fred Sarver, Chair
Brian Curran, Vice Chair
Redd Crabtree, Judy Werner

Show Results/Programs - ASHA Staff Contact: Susan Harris/Patricia Edwards
Louise Gilliland, Chair
Kim Skipton, Vice- Chair
Jim Ruwoldt, Don Schilling

Sport Horse (formerly International Disciplines) - ASHA Staff Contact:  Katriona Adams
Rose Hochner, Chair
Paula Jo Briney, Vice Chair
Abby Converse, Amy Haller, Virginia LaRocque, Darryl Leifheit, Stephanie Sedlacko, Lisa Siderman,  Janet Thompson

State Futurities - ASHA Staff Contact: Patricia Edwards
Don Schilling, Chair
Open to all State Futurities presidents and/or secretaries

Sweepstakes - ASHA Staff Contact: Patricia Edwards
Bill Wise, Chair
Fred Sarver, Vice Chair
Redd Crabtree, Sandy Lilly, Joan Lurie, Anne Neil, Raymond Shively

Updated 07/16/2014


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