Class 11

Five-Gaited Kentucky
County Fair Championship
(8 Entries)

1. Ashlyn's Voodoo Charm
115510 S 2004
Santana's Charm X
RSF Dream Come True
Owner: Ashlyn Farms LLC,
Simpsonville, KY
Breeder: Jesus Suarez &/or Thomas
Abell, Versailles, KY
Trainer: Rob Byers
Competitor: Rob Byers

2. Rebel Rooster 111778 S 2002
Monaco X T.R.-riffic
Owner: Kathleen C. Bagdasarian,
Madison, CT
Breeder: Christine Matsis-DeHart,
Finchville, KY
Trainer: Kristen Bagdasarian
Competitor: Kristen Bagdasarian

3. Jaded 114295 S 2003
The Irish Connection X Super Scene
Owner: Juli Baranello &/or Lori Neumann,
Salem, CT
Breeder: Sue P. Nifong,
Winston Salem, NC
Trainer: Michael Tunstall
Competitor: Michael Tunstall

4. Callaway's Champ Clark
107932 S 1999
Caramac X My Sweet Jeannie(BHF)
Owner: Bullet Concrete Materials, Inc.,
Conroe, TX
Breeder: Callaway Hills Stable,
Jefferson City, MO
Trainer: Clark Clouse
Competitor: Clark Clouse

5. Arwen 139589 M 2003
Titleist Memory X Admiral's Suzette
Owner: Rob &/or Julianne Wilson,
Smithfield, KY
Breeder: Robert and Julianne Wilson,
Smithfield, KY
Trainer: Rob Wilson
Competitor: Rob Wilson

6. Aussie 114228 S 2003
Top Spool X My Matilda
Owner: Alice J. Nunley, Kingsport, TN
Breeder: Crabtree Farms, Inc.,
Simpsonville, KY
Trainer: Ricky Cook
Competitor: Ricky Cook

7. Roseridge End 115682 S 2004
Roseridge Heir X Virgin Gorda
Owner: Brian Turner, Knoxville, TN
Breeder: Mike Barlow, Rockvale, TN
Trainer: Hillarey Whitaker
Competitor: Hillarey Whitaker

8. Kalarama's Hollywood Lights
114050 S 2003
Attache's Thunderbolt X Hollywood Nights
Owner: Terri Kearney, Shelbyville, KY
Breeder: Elisabeth M. Goth, Lebanon, KY
Trainer: Keith Harger
Competitor:Will Harris

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