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Educate. Promote. Protect. Give Back.

The American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association is committed to educating the public, our youth and the officials of the industry; promoting and protecting the American Saddlebred; and giving back to our membership. Our donors make our mission possible!

We are all united in our love for the American Saddlebred – your contribution is an easy way to show it.



The impact of your gift is felt immediately with 100% of donations going to programming, marketing and education. By donating to the Annual Fund, you are giving the ASHBA expendable funds that can be applied where most needed, benefitting the needs of our members, horses and programs. Your contribution could instead be allocated to the Youth Scholarship Fund or Equine Welfare Fund. Read more about ASHBA's Funds below and support the area of your choice. Your gifts provide the American Saddlebred industry with the tools it takes to educate, promote, protect, and give back!


Your contributions to the Annual Fund are the most vital to ASHBA. These dollars provide the Association the flexibility to address the area of biggest need. Here are places you will see your contributions at work:


  • Seminars & Forums

  • Youth Activities, Programs & Awards

  • Licensed Officials & Judging Clinics

Breed Promotion

  • At Equine Events & Trade Shows

  • In Print & on Digital Platforms

Breed Preservation

  • Breeding & Genetic Research

  • Diversifying the Versatility, Inclusion & Training of Saddlebreds

Giving Back

  • Grants for Financial Assistance

  • Guides & Resources for Trainers, Instructors, Horse Show Managers, & More

  • Futurities, Sweepstakes & Other Prize Programs


Growing up with an American Saddlebred teaches youth the values of compassion, dedication and hard work. They learn to become leaders and visionaries. For youth who strive to turn their passion into a career, scholarships can help make higher education affordable. Since 1991, the Association has awarded approximately $400,000 in financial assistance to ASBHA youth pursuing higher education. We invite you to help us make their dreams come true!


The Equine Welfare Fund was started to guard the breed’s welfare on an individual basis by providing assistance in the care and placement of neglected American Saddlebred horses. Services may include on-site inspection and identification, court assistance and transfers to responsible ownership. Help us safeguard the well-being of these magnificent animals.  




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Questions? Contact ASHBA at  (859) 259-2742 or

Thank you for your support of the American Saddlebred Horse & Breeders Association, Inc.! ASHBA is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Tax ID # 61-1182397