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Alpha Division

The Alpha division is for riders that have either advanced beyond the Academy Division or are new riders entering show horse classes for the first time. These classes, unlike the novice or limit rider classes, will give riders two show seasons to compete at an entry-level of competition. The aim of this division is to give exhibitors an opportunity to gain more experience before moving up to compete against more experienced competition.

Division Details

Rider Eligibility

  • Open to competitors in their first two seasons of competing in a suit in a walk, trot, canter class at a ASHBA recorded competition.
  • Competitors MUST be an ASHBA Member.
  • Prior experience in the walk and trot division does not count against eligibility.
  • Riders are able to cross over into non-ASHBA Alpha classes and divisions during this 2 year period.
  • Riders who have competed at the Saddlebred National/World Finals level competition are ineligible.

Class Specifics

  • ASHBA Alpha Classes are to be offered and judged as a Pleasure Walk, Trot, Canter or Driving class
    •  Horses must be a trotting-breed type horse (American Saddlebred, Half-Saddlebred, Morgan, Arabian, Friesian etc.) and show in the equipment and attire standards of the American Saddlebred Rulebook for the Division.
    • Can be offered in Saddle Seat, Hunt Seat, Western or Pleasure Driving
  • Title of class/division should be titled for your prize list as ASHBA Alpha with relevant class description attached ex: ASHBA Alpha English Pleasure Riders 13 & Under
  • Classes can be offered by age, but are only for junior exhibitors and/or amateurs. Suggested age divisions are as follows:
    • 13 & under 
    • 14 -17
    • 17 & under
    • Adult
    • All ages