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ASHBA Saddle Time

Participants keep track of the time they spend riding. Owning a horse is not a requirement to participate. Special Saddle Time awards will be given when you complete the various hour levels. Hours count in the following activities: trail riding, lessons, parades, drill team, and horse shows!

It's Easy as 1...2...3!

1. Sign up using the form below!

2. Spend time in the saddle and record it!

3. Submit your hours (using our online form) & earn prizes! 

Program Rules

  • Must be an active member of ASHBA.

  • Levels one through three do not have to be accumulated on American Saddlebreds or Half American Saddlebreds.

  • Levels four through six must be earned on registered American Saddlebreds or registered Half American Saddlebreds.

  • The time recorded begins upon ASBHA's receipt of the enrollment fee. There is no time limit as long as the membership stays active.

  • Hours are recorded on the official hour log report by the honor system.

  • Hours required for each award are cumulative.

  • Ownership of a horse is not required.

  • Hours will count in the following activities: trail riding, lessons, parades, drill teams, horse shows (academy and USEF), competitive trail rides, endurance rides, and driving! 

  • Hours will not count in the following activities: grooming, lunging and hot walking.

Saddle Time Awards 

  • Level 1 (20 Hours): Certificate & Saddle Time Window Cling

  • Level 2 (50 Hours): Certificate & Saddle Time Travel Mug

  • Level 3 (100 Hours): Certificate & Saddle Time Hat

  • Level 4 (150 Hours): Certificate & Saddle Time T-Shirt

  • Level 5 (200 Hours): Certificate & Saddle Time Tablet Bag

  • Level 6 (250 Hours): Certificate & Award

Saddle Time is under going program updates. Any Applications and reported hour forms will be on hold until updates are complete and the program is relaunched. 

Questions? Contact 

 Saddle Time Application

 Saddle Time Hour Record Form