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Prize Programs: American Saddlebred Futurities

A futurity is a prize program for young horses, which awards purses made up of entry fees paid over a period of time by participants. Futurities are held to encourage the breeding and showing of American Saddlebred horses.

Showing a foal in a futurity enhances his value and increases his earning potential; the value of the sire and dam may also be enhanced through the success of their progeny shown in futurities. Amateurs and juveniles, as well as professionals, have the opportunity to show young horses in futurities.

The experience should be entertaining to both audience and participants, and should present the American Saddlebred at his best, providing an opportunity for fun, competition and good sportsmanship.  

Prize Programs Flyer

Nomination Forms/Rules and Requirements

2023 ASHBA National and National Amateur Futurities Rules and Requirements

ASHBA National Futurity

The National Futurity will have nine divisions: Weanlings and Yearlings In Hand, Two-Year-Olds may show in Fine Harness or 3-Gaited, Three-Year-Olds may show in one of five classes:  5-Gaited, 3-Gaited, Fine Harness, Park or Park Pleasure.  The classes are held at the World’s Championship Horse Show in August and are conducted under the rules of the U. S. Equestrian Federation. All Futurity payments must be made to maintain eligibility. 

Nominated Horses 

2023 Nominated Weanlings 

2023 Nominated Yearlings

2023 Nominated Two-Year-Olds

ASHBA National Amateur Futurity

The National Amateur Futurity will have four divisions: Weanlings, Yearlings, and Two-Year-Olds In-Hand.  Three-Year-Olds may show in Park Pleasure.  Entries are to be shown in the ring by amateurs only, although a professional may own the horse. The classes are held at the World's Championship Horse Show in August and are conducted under the rules of the U. S. Equestrian Federation. All Futurity payments must be made to maintain eligibility.

Nominated Horses 

2023 Nominated Weanlings 

2023 Nominated Yearlings 

2023 Nominated Two-Year-Olds

2023 Nominated Three-Year-Olds - (2023 Amateur Park Pleasure class)

National 3-Year-Old Futurity 

Currently, entries can be shown in one of five classes:  Five-Gaited, Three-Gaited, Fine Harness Three-Gaited Park and Three-Gaited Park Pleasure.  Entries may compete in only one of the five classes, which are held at the World’s Championship Horse Show in August; these classes are conducted under the rules of the U. S. Equestrian Federation. All Futurity payments must be made to maintain eligibility. Entries are shown only as three-year-olds and do not need to declare in which class they will participate until their three-year-old year. The National 3-Year-Old Futurity will be discontinued at the end of 2023 and will be replaced by the National Futurity.

Nominated Horses 

2023 Nominated Three-Year-Olds

ASHBA Half Saddlebred Futurity

The ASHBA Half Saddlebred Futurity is an open Weanling Futurity for Half Saddlebred foals registered with the ASHBA Registry.  Nominations are due April 30 for a single fee of $150 for the foal only (no sire or dam nominations required).  The sire or dam must be a purebred American Saddlebred registered with the ASHBA Registry.  The Half Saddlebred weanling class will be held at the All American Horse Classic in Indianapolis, Indiana, in September.

2023 Half Saddlebred Futurity Nominated Weanlings 

2023 Half Saddlebred Futurity Rules

Kentucky Breeders Incentive

Kentucky Breeders Incentive Fund Rules and Requirements

KSOBA Membership Application

Affiliate Futurities

ASHBA helps provide continuity in the different futurities held throughout the country by bringing the state futurities into agreement on providing consistent rules for the administration of a futurity. To help affiliated futurities run smoothly, ASHBA provides the following services:  accurate recording of results for permanent record and statistical use; review of entry blank; publication of futurity dates and contact persons on ASHBA's Web Site; and publication of results in the Journal Of The American Saddlebred.

If you are interested in starting an ASHBA affiliated futurity, please contact ASHBA at (859) 259-2742 or

Mailing Lists Request

We will provide mailing lists of mare owners by State to Affiliate State Futurities.  The reason for the mailing list must be provided as well as a copy of the proposed communication.  Requests from other entities will be reviewed by the Registrar who may approve the request.  We will not provide email addresses under any circumstances. 

For electronic mailing lists, the Registry will send it directly to the mailing house or to the person printing the labels or addresses on envelopes with a provision that it is not to be reproduced. 

The current fee for Affiliate State Futurities is 5 cents per address label.  (See below for orders less than $10)

The fee will be waived for requests from Affiliate State Futurities for mailing lists that would cost $10 or less under the current fee schedule.  Note – there is a limit of one fee being waived per mailing list request from the same Affiliate State Futurity in a calendar year.

For more information on mailing lists and fees for Affiliate State Futurities, please contact ASHBA at (859) 259-2742 or