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A horse named America

The Horse America Made!

The American Saddlebred is a partner, performer, and the ideal horse for every job! A friendly companion, American Saddlebreds form strong bonds with their people and always aim to please. Their bravery, confidence and personality sets them apart in the show ring and in the stable.

American Saddlebreds are easy to spot with their commanding presence, large expressive eyes, and graceful ears that are alert and forward. The ideal American Saddlebred is well-proportioned and presents a beautiful overall picture. American Saddlebreds are patient and forgiving partners, ideal for beginners, children and amateurs.

Saddlebreds typically stand between 15.1 and 16.3 hands in height and can be of any color ranging from black, bay, grey, and chestnut to palomino and pinto.

As a trotting breed, all American Saddlebreds perform three standard gaits: walk, trot, and canter. The breed standard for movement should be fluid and animated, with clear balance and cadence.

Some American Saddlebreds have the ability to be trained to perform two additional gaits exhibited in the five-gaited division. The slow gait and rack are both a four-beat gaits with each of the horse's hooves striking the ground separately. These gaits, like the breed’s walk, trot and canter, should be fluid, animated and balanced.