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Ruxer Rescue Horse Classes

For every Saddlebred, for every discipline, and for every rescue…We are so excited to introduce The Equine Welfare Advocacy Committee (EWAC) Rescue Horse Class.

Each year, EWAC will sponsor up to ten classes around the country open to Saddlebreds, with or without registration papers, who have been rescued. We have always been proud of our community’s commitment to the welfare of our horses and look forward to providing these individuals and organizations with some small measure of the recognition they deserve. Many thanks to the Ruxer Foundation for providing the initial sponsorship dollars for this worthy class.

If you are interested in hosting this class or having the class at a show in your area, please contact ASHBA at Preference will be given to shows which already host a rescue class.

Preliminary details are below:

  • In order to showcase these horses and provide maximum exposure, EWAC is asking participating shows to schedule this class for Saturday afternoon.
  • All disciplines are welcome. The class will be under saddle and judged as an open opportunity class. Horses are to be shown with appropriate tack for their discipline. Riders are encouraged to compete in informal or academy attire.
  • Exhibitors must be either the owner of the horse or a member of the owner’s immediate family, except in the case of lesson horses, which may be exhibited by an academy rider who regularly takes lessons on the horse.
  • Entries may be cross-entered in any other class for which they are eligible. This class will not count for existing high point categories, nor will it count as a class towards any other show for qualification purposes.
  • A supplemental form will certify the entry is a rescue and contain a short description of the horse’s story to be read by the announcer.
  • Entries in the EWAC Rescue Horse Class are expected to abide by all show rules and pay any applicable fees. However, the Committee hopes to be able to offer some scholarships in the future.