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2024 Annual Convention & Youth Conference

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ASHBA Youth Council 


The Youth Council seeks to cultivate a greater sense of community among young exhibitors, provide a space for them to learn about the breed and promotion, and seeks to provide opportunities to help Council members achieve their goals. 


The ASHBA Youth Council will be comprised of up to 15 individuals from across the United States who have not yet reached their 22nd birthday. 12 individuals will be selected from the 12 regions as set by ASHBA. Each member will represent their region for a two year term. The three (3) additional members will be selected as follows:

1. One member selected as a “Discipline At Large member” – who will serve to represent the breed from disciplines  other than Saddle Seat.

2. One member selected as an “Academy At Large member” – who will serve to represent the Academy division.

3. One member selected as a “Youth Club At Large member” – who will serve to represent the Youth Clubs.

 Additional Membership Requirements:

a) Members must be active American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association members and have currently or         previously been involved with ASHBA Youth Programs.

b) Aged 21 and under

c) Members 18 and older will need to complete the Safe Sport training through USEF.

The Youth Council seeks members who:

  • Will further the mission and purpose of the American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association
  • Have a passion for the American Saddlebred
  • Have demonstrated good character and leadership skills
  • Will enrich the experience of other ASHBA Youth members through the goals of the ASHBA Youth Council

Please submit the application to by February 29, 2024


Youth Council Application 


If you have questions, please reach out to the ASHBA office at 859-259-2742 or 


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