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ASHBA National Select Series

presented by State Line Tack

This program has been developed through years of hard work and thoughtfulness from ASHA’s Middle Market, Horse Show Task Force, and the new Saddlebreds Across America committees. Upon the 2021 merger of the American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) and the American Saddlebred Registry (ASR) to form the American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association (ASHBA) the 2023 ASHBA National Select Series, presented by State Line Tack, will continue the mission to encourage more people to show American Saddlebreds, Half Saddlebreds, Hackney Ponies, and Roadsters to strengthen the show horse market by providing classes where horses of the same relative level can compete against one another. 

For 2023, the ASHBA has worked with the Saddlebreds Across America Committee to tailor the program to a better product for ASHBA members and bring more opportunities and value to the experience of showing at our breed shows. Some of the most prominent changes are an updated class list, a full slate of American Saddlebred and/or Half Saddlebred classes for Amateur/Junior Exhibitors, strengthened regions, qualification requirements for 2023 ASHBA National Select Series Regional Championships, and added classes and divisions. A national championship will also be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the All-American Horse Classic.

The ASHBA is proud to welcome the American Hackney Horse Society and American Road Horse and Pony Association to our National Select Series program. Three additional classes have been added to the program for these horses, ponies, and exhibitors. Our industry is stronger together and we are thrilled that the ASHBA National Select Series can be a part of securing a better future for the sport we all love. 

ASHBA National Select Series General Rules and Requirements

ASHBA National Select Series classes will be held under regular USEF American Saddlebred and Half Saddlebred rules and specs.  Horses will have to compete in one (1) stand-alone Select Series class at national and/or regional shows in order to qualify for ASHBA National Select Series Regional Championships and/or the National Championship.  Owners, riders, drivers and handlers must be an ASHBA competing member to participate in qualifying, regional and national championship classes.  All entries who compete in stand-alone Select Series classes will be eligible upon results being submitted to the ASHBA office. Horses competing at the World's Championship Horse Show (WCHS) in the same calendar year will be ineligible to compete in the National Select Series Program.  Also, as a result of our programs purpose, Select Series classes do not count toward WCHS qualifying.

National Select Series Regions

The country has been divided and ASHBA Regions combined into 8 Regions (see below) for the Select Series Circuit with championships held at selected shows. To be eligible for the Regional Championships an entry must have shown in one (1) ASHBA National Select Series stand-alone class at a qualifying show in that region, in that calendar year. Horses can qualify for more than one Regional Championship by showing in a stand-alone Select Series qualifier in those respective regions.


Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Alberta British Columbia


Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota


Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi


Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Ontario (London)




Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee


North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia

REGION 11/12

Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maryland, Delaware, Ontario (Toronto)

National Select Series Class List

These classes will all be held under regular USEF rules and specifications of each applicable breed rulebook. Horses that have shown at World’s Championship Horse Show (WCHS) in that calendar year will not be allowed to enter these classes at the ASHBA National Select Series Regional Championships and/or National Championship.  Horse Declaration Forms are no longer required.

American Saddlebreds and Half Saddlebreds

  • Amateur/Junior Exhibitor Five-Gaited
  • Amateur/Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited
  • Amateur/Junior Exhibitor Park
  • Open Park
  • Adult/Junior Exhibitor Five-Gaited Show Pleasure
  • Adult/Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Show Pleasure
  • Adult/Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure
  • Open Fine Harness
  • Adult/Junior Exhibitor Show Pleasure Driving
  • Adult/Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure Driving
  • ASB Country Western Pleasure
  • ASB Country Hunter Pleasure
  • Open Pleasure Driving
  • Open Walk/Trot Snaffle Bit (open to any age horse, rider, professional or amateur)
  • Open In-Hand

Hackney Pony

  • Adult/Junior Exhibitor Hackney Pleasure Driving
  • Open Roadster Pony to Bike

Road Horse

  • Open Road Horse to Bike


Eligible Horse Search 

Eligible Hackneys, Road Ponies and Road Horses