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Notable Horses In History

Click on the links below to read about notable horses in the history of the American Saddlebred.

From the Archives of The American Saddlebred Magazine
CHAnacacho Shamrock                                 
Beau Peavine                                                  
Edna May’s King                                             
Genius Bourbon King                                    
CHKate Shriver   
CHKing’s Genius 
Rex McDonald
Society Rex
CHWing Commander
CHYorktown ​​​​​​​                                           

From the ASHBA Historical Committee

Alloway's Tam O'Shanter
Anachacho Revel                                                  
CHBroadlands Captain Denmark
Carol Lynn
CHGallant Guy O’Goshen
CHLover's Sensation                              
CHMeadow Vanity
Noble Kalarama
CHOttawa's Empress   
Sensation Rex
Sensational Princess
CHStar Of The Show
Stonewall Supreme
Wild Wind                                       

From the Archives of other publications

The Heritage of the American Saddlebred - A Forgotten Glory from Reference Directory
Touch Stones In Time - from Reference Directory
The American Saddle Horse Publication from the 1950’s
CH-SHJoe Aleshire (Half Saddlebred)

World's Grand Champion Five Gaited Horses Through the Years