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High Point Standings

All competitions listed on the ASHBA database are eligible for the ASHBA High Point Program, regardless of whether they are USEF-licensed or not.

All competitions must complete the ASHBA Horse Show Application in order for exhibitors to earn points for the ASHBA High Point Awards. The application must be received by the ASHBA at least one (1) month prior to your show’s dates. The show manager or representative is also responsible for submitting results to ASHBA within ten (10) days following the competition and within the qualifying period. Results received by ASHBA after the qualifying period will not be accepted.

Horse and Rider Eligibility:

  • The horse owners and trainers/riders/drivers/handlers must be current ASHBA members in good standing.  If a horse has multiple owners, at least one owner must be a current ASHBA competing member. 
  • Owners, riders, drivers, handlers and trainers of American Saddlebred and Half American Saddlebred horses showing at USEF licensed competitions must be an ASHBA competing member. 

  • The horse (or rider in Equitation) must compete in a chosen class at least three times in at least three different competitions within the same region (for Regional Standings), which are recorded with ASHBA.

General Rules:

  • All reports of errors discovered in show results or point standings must be submitted to ASHBA no later than December 1. It is each owner's responsibility to check for accuracy. No changes will be made after the competition year has ended. Unless a violation of rules has occurred and changes are supported by a rule infraction by a governing body (i.e.: USEF).

Please review The American Saddlebred High Point Rules for complete rules, program guidelines, and more information.

Map and Region Listings