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2020 ASHA Breed Ambassador Award Winners

Pictured: Saddlebred Stars of every wedding & event at three time World Champion Breed Ambassador Kathie Jacobsen's La Joya Dulce Ranch

In celebration of all the amazing outreach our breed has been a part of this year, the ASHA is proud to share our 2020 Breed Ambassador Awards. In collaboration with the ASHA Charter Club Council, we worked to collect point sheets from individual members, barns, and ASHA Charter Clubs to offer ambassadors at a regional level and to our Worlds Champions from each of those segments.

The award banners for this impressive achievement will be sent to each of our champions and we look forward to honoring these ambassadors through our social media and sharing pictures from their promotional efforts in our 2020 ASHA Awards recap later in the week following the ASHA Virtual Annual Membership Meeting.

2020 Breed Ambassador Champions

Individual Ambassadors

Barn Ambassadors

Charter Club Ambassadors