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2021 Virtual Annual Membership Meeting Recap

The 2021 ASHA Annual Meeting typically hosted during the UPHA National Conference went virtual with the cancelation of this year’s conference. This year the meeting offered our organizational leaders a platform to highlight key accomplishments from 2020, provide status reports from the President, Treasurer, and Registry, and final member voting for the ASHA/ASR Merger and Nominating Committee member representatives.

Executive Director David Mount led the meeting and presented a comprehensive Annual Report for 2020 that provides a year in review for ASHA activities, initiatives, programs and more. The 2020 ASHA Annual Report highlights the areas of Leadership and Partnership Development, Membership Benefits and Programs, Competitions and Horse Show Support, USEF Saddlebred Ranch Riding Proposal, 2020 World’s Championship Horse Show activities, Breed Promotion, Youth Activities and more! The 2020 ASHA Annual Report is available for your viewing at the link below.

2020 ASHA Annual Report

“We had a very busy year despite the challenges brought on by the Pandemic and we are positioned to have another successful year in 2021.  We are committed to serving our members and strengthening our breed.  I encourage everyone to become more involved and volunteer for committees, charter clubs and horse shows.  Just like I said last year, we can do so much more together than apart,” shared Mount.

In addition to the Executive Director’s Annual Report, President Marty Schaffel, Treasurer Allen Bosworth and Interim-Registrar Katriona Adams delivered reports. Schaffel’s President Report spoke to the last year’s challenges presented by covid-19 and an ever-evolving new normal that championed how much we still managed to accomplish, create, and support at an organizational and industry level. Schaffel thanked all who have come together from our sister affiliates, committees, staff, and especially the leaders from the ASHA/ASR Joint Merger Task Force.  He emphasized that because of the tireless efforts from many volunteers and staff ASHA was a part of so many solutions in a year full of problems to solve. Bosworth presented the financial summary for 2020. He addressed questions about the financial stability and projections for the ASHA, the implications of a merger between the ASHA and ASR and further details around ASHA’s 2020 Paycheck Protection Loan. He also revisited the plans instituted in early 2020 and the impacts of operating on a flat budget. Adams presentation covered the last year of statistics on foal registrations, stallions reporting, transfers completed, and the process improvements implemented to bring improved customer service in the future.

Also during the ASHA Annual Meeting, the membership voted overwhelmingly in favor of the proposed merger between ASHA and ASR, with 90.6% in favor.  From the members eligible to vote (Charter Club, Contributing, Life and Senior Members), 25.4% cast their vote, which far exceeds the three-year average of 13.8% in previous elections. From the merger documents were filed with the Kentucky Secretary of State to officially become American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association, Inc. Members will see a six month transition period that will include launching a new logo and branding, along with a revamped website. Once the new logo and branding are in place, you will see us move away from using the ASHA and ASR names and logos. Also, you will see the benefits of the new office efficiency project with improved customer service and staff productivity, with all staff members staying in their current positions. And, you will see increased funding for promotion and education that was made possible through the merger and hiring a new development director. In addition to the merger members voted to select Betsy Boone and Judith Warner to the Nominating Committee. We are grateful everyone that took the time to vote and thank you to the ASHA and ASR boards, who have worked tirelessly for the benefit of our breed. 

We have provided a full video of the Virtual Meeting and a video of our 2020 ASHA Programs & Promotions Highlights at the links below!

Full Meeting

Highlight Video