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2022 ASHBA Board of Directors Candidate Nominations Now Open

It's time to submit your nominations for the 2022 ASHBA Board of Directors!  All ASHBA members are encouraged to submit recommendations for people who will be great candidates for the ASHBA Board. To nominate an ASHBA member for consideration, please fill out the board nomination form available here. Nominations for the 2022 ASHBA Board will be accepted until October 18, 2021.The ASHBA Nominating Committee will consider the following criteria in reviewing and selecting its recommended slate of nominees:

    The geographic representation on the Board in relation to the concentration of members in those areas.  Representation of both amateur and professional horsemen and horsewomen. Membership in equine associations in addition to ASHBA, such as the United States Equestrian Federation, United Professional Horsemen’s Association, ASHBA Charter Clubs, or involvement in region based futurities and prize programs. The prospective nominee’s participation in Saddlebred activities, including service as an officer or director of a charter club or futurity; activity in Association committees, Grand National, youth clubs or futurities; activity in USEF committees; membership on horse show committees; ownership or operation of a breeding, training, or riding lesson program; current service as a USEF judge or steward; and current owner, breeder, or exhibitor of American Saddlebreds. 

 The Nominating Committee for Directors gives special consideration to the following attributes:

    Ten or more years’ involvement in Saddlebred activities. High level of expertise in financial, organizational and communication skills or other areas needed by the Association, taking into consideration the skills and experience of current Directors. Experience in innovative programs for American Saddlebreds. The financial ability, availability and desire to attend Board and Committee meetings. Significant volunteer experience (in both Saddlebred and non-Saddlebred areas).

For questions about the nominating process, you can contact David Mount at  or (859) 259-3888.  You can learn more about the ASHBA Board in our bylaws.Submit a 2022 Board of Directors Candidate Nomination today!