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American Saddlebred Museum Elects New Board of Trustees


LEXINGTON, KY, February 22, 2021 —  The American Saddlebred Museum was pleased to announce a new Board of Trustees during the Museum’s Annual Membership Meeting on Friday, February 19 via Zoom.

The 2021-2022 Board of Trustees are:

President: Mark Strong, Lexington, KY

First Vice President:  Amy Dix Rock, Simpsonville, KY

Second Vice President: Anne Tasch, Ridgefield, CT

Secretary: Donna Finch, Greensboro, NC

Treasurer:  Mary Jane Glasscock Kirkpatrick, Atlanta, GA

Grace Arnold, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Deborah Butler, Gainesville, FL

Rob Byers, Simpsonville, KY

Cindy Carcione, Louisville, KY

Kate Harvey Codeanne, Wethersfield, CT

Ann Simien Curl, Village Loch Lloyd, MO

Angela Herrin, Simpsonville, KY

Diane Sembler-Kamins, Pinellas Park, FL

Gail Kline, Simpsonville, KY

Ross Millin, Tygerberg, South Africa

Amanda Murchison, Hookset, NH

Nancy Trent, Louisville, KY

Fatima Wazir, Lexington, KY

Members at Large:

Candi Covino Aversenti, Missouri City, TX

Keith Kurz, Loveland OH