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ASHA EWAC 2nd Annual Halter Auction Fundraiser Returns to Help Horses in Need!

The ASHA Equine Welfare Advocacy Committee Halter Auction Fundraiser starts February 10, 2021! This exciting and unique program returns for a second year to help horses in need. Halters from the breed’s shining stars are available to the highest bidder to benefit welfare efforts for American Saddlebreds.  With halters from WGC’s to living legends this is a once and lifetime opportunity! The auction will be hosted at with bidding open Wednesday, Feb. 10 8pm ET The ASHA Equine Welfare Advocacy Committee (EWAC) halter auction fundraiser raises much needed funds to help horses in need through welfare seizure cases and Bruce Hanson Grant Program for 501c3 rescue organizations.

Each halter was worn by these living legends through the most influential moments of their careers and comes with a letter of authenticity. This is your chance to own a piece of history from your favorite stars, including

WGC WC CH HS Daydream's Heads Up

WCC CH Montano

WGC RWC Divide N Conquer

WGC WC Heartland High Tech

WGC WC I'm Lookin' At You

WCC Lovin' Louie

WGC WC Marc of Charm

Parade WC Paddyngton's Marc of Distinction

WGC WC Soul Desire

Bid Now at!

About Equine Welfare Advocacy Committee

The EWAC serves as an information portal for the Saddlebred. While rescue is a part of equine welfare, the EWAC is not a rescue organization.

Every year EWAC grants thousands of dollars to assist American Saddlebreds in legal equine welfare cases and through the Bruce Hanson Grant to rescue organizations working to help American Saddlebred horses. This fundraiser will provide much-needed funds to help continue these efforts and the expected increase of future horses and rescues in need of support in the coming year. EWAC Committee Chair Kathie Dunn Jacobsen and her dedicated committee members work diligently to spearhead programs and assistance efforts to help all American Saddlebreds.

Given the declining numbers within the Saddlebred breed, the role of the EWAC is of more importance than ever. The EWAC seeks to protect and advocate the breed, while searching for avenues to promote both the breed and public perception of the breed, as well as increase ownership of the breed.