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ASHBA Announces 2024 – 2025 Youth Council Members

LEXINGTON, KY (April 5, 2024) - ASHBA is pleased to congratulate and announce the newly seated Youth Council for the 2024-2025 term. Designed to empower and support young adults, the Youth Council aims to advance their development and continuous involvement in the equine industry, particularly in promoting the American Saddlebred breed. Through various programs and initiatives, the Youth Council seeks to cultivate a greater sense of community among young exhibitors, while providing opportunities for growth, education and leadership development.  

“At ASHBA we recognize the importance of supporting our next generation of leaders in the equine industry”, said Katie Porter, ASHBA Director of Marketing and Programs. “The Youth Council is an exciting new program that will allow young adults to serve in leadership positions and help promote our breed. Empowering young adults are crucial for the future of our industry.”

The ASHBA Youth Council is comprised of up to 15 individuals from across the country who have not yet reached their 22nd birthday. Of the 15 council seats, 12 individuals will be selected from the 12 regions as set by ASHBA. Each member will represent their region or state for a two-year term. The three additional members will be comprised of a discipline at large seat, an academy at large seat, and a youth club at large seat.

The 2024-2025 ASHBA Youth Council:

  • Jacqueline Schatzberg – Region 1
  • Olivia Mirza – Region 2
  • Sutton Paulsen – Region 3
  • Katie Rich – Region 4
  • Alyssa Watanapongse – Region 5
  •  Ella Dallenbach – Region 7
  • Alexa Dahl – Region 8
  • Elizabeth Henning – Region 9
  • Ariana Willenberg – Missouri Representative
  • Mackenzie Reynolds – Tennessee Representative
  • Sarah Kirkpatrick – Georgia Representative
  • Ashlyn Deaton – Academy Seat
  • Salay Tompkins – Discipline Seat
  • Finley Paul – Youth Club Seat

ASHBA did not receive applications from regions 6, 10, 11, and 12. The Youth Council’s activities will include networking events, mentorship programs, community outreach, and breed promotion tailored to promoting interests in equine leadership and governance.

Learn more about the ASHBA Youth Council and youth programs offered through ASHBA here