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 ASHBA Half Saddlebred Futurity Weanling Nomination Deadline is May 31

The 2024 ASHBA Half Saddlebred Futurity will offer an Open Weanling Futurity for all 2024 Half Saddlebred foals that are registered with ASHBA’s Half Saddlebred Registry!

Nominations are due by May 31, 2024, with a single fee of $150 for the foal only. The sire or dam must be a full Saddlebred. A 2024 weanling nomination form can be found here. Nomination forms must be faxed to 859-259-1628, emailed to or postmarked and mailed on or before May 31.

Simply register your Half Saddlebred weanling with the ASHBA Half Saddlebred Registry to compete in 2024! The Half Saddlebred Open Weanling Futurity will be held at the All American Horse Classic, Indianapolis, Indiana, in September 2024.

The Half Saddlebred Open Weanling Futurity will have its own purse of added money! The proceeds generated from the Half Saddlebred Futurity Stallion Auction, held in December 2023, will be added to the purse! 80% of the purse will be earned by the top 8 weanlings, while 20% of the purse will be reserved for the stallions whose services were purchased during the auction and had weanlings in the top 8 places. Any part of the stallion’s 20% not paid out will roll over to the succeeding year(s) for participating stallions.

The American Saddlebred over the years has been one of the most desired crosses for many breeds such as the Half Arabian, National Show Horse, Friesian Georgian Grande, and most currently, the Dutch Harness Horse. Now, with the ASHBA Half Saddlebred Futurity, the crosses are endless. The futurity will be open to crosses of all Half Saddlebreds.

For more information on the ASHBA Prize Programs, please contact Patricia Edwards at 859-259-3899 or