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ASHBA Select Series presented by State Line Tack Improving and Expanding for 2021

Photo Credit: Caitlin Design LLC

The ASHBA National Select Series presented by State Line Tack, is expanding and improving for the 2021 show season! This program debuted to much excitement and success during a very challenging 2020 competition season. 1000 American Saddlebreds and members had an increased opportunity to compete for additional recognition and enjoyment last year. Whether it was through one of the three virtual show sessions offered during the lockdown or one of the eight 2020 ASHA National Select Series Regional Championships that were held across the country, the National Select Series brought Saddlebred Smiles to our community in 2020. In addition to the beautiful specialty ribbons, champion hats and halters, and State Line Tack special competitor offers, all participants who declared a horse and competed at a 2020 Regional Championship were entered into a drawing for a John Deere X330 lawn mower valued at over $3,000. The 2020 winner of the John Deere lawn mower Haeleigh Anderson of East Peoria, IL who competed in the Select Series with her mare Ashlyn’s Beach Nut.

Upon the 2021 merger of the American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) and the American Saddlebred Registry (ASR) to form the American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association (ASHBA) the 2021 ASHBA National Select Series presented by State Line Tack’s will continue the mission to encourage more people to show to strengthen the show horse market by providing classes where horses of the same relative level can compete against one another. For 2021, the we have worked with the Saddlebreds Across America Committee to tailor the program to a better product for members and bring more opportunities and value to the experience of showing at our breed shows.

The ASHBA is proud to welcome the American Hackney Horse Society and American Road Horse and Pony Association to our National Select Series program. Three additional classes have been added to the program for these horses, ponies, and exhibitors. Our industry is stronger together and we are thrilled that the ASHBA National Select Series can be a part of securing a better future for the sport we all love.

 “The American Hackney Horse Society is excited for the opportunity to work with ASHBA and ARPHA on the National Select Series.” Shared AHHS President Maureen Quackenbush, “We believe the Series will help strengthen and expand opportunities for the Hackney middle market by providing classes where ponies of the same relative level can compete against one another.”

“The ARHPA is looking forward to having the Road Horse division offered in the ASHBA National Select Series program for 2021. We hope to see this class for Road Horse to Bike brings more opportunities for our members and road horse enthusiasts at more regional shows,” shared ARHPA President James Nicholas.

Some of the most prominent changes are an updated class list, a full slate of American Saddlebred classes for Amateur/Junior Exhibitors, strengthened regions, qualification requirements for 2021 ASHBA National Select Series Regional Championships, and added classes and divisions.

ASHBA National Select Series 2021 Class List

These classes will all be held under regular USEF rules and specifications of each applicable breed rulebook. Horses that have shown at World’s Championship Horse Show in that calendar year will not be allowed to enter these classes at the ASHBA National Select Series Regional Championships. Enroll today and submit a 2021 Program Declaration Form! 

American Saddlebred

Amateur/Junior Exhibitor Five-Gaited

Amateur/Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited

Amateur/Junior Exhibitor Park

Adult/Junior Exhibitor Five-Gaited Show Pleasure

Adult/Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Show Pleasure

Adult/Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure

Adult/Junior Exhibitor Show Pleasure Driving

Adult/Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure Driving

ASB Country Western Pleasure

ASB Country Hunter Pleasure

Hackney Pony

Adult/Junior Exhibitor Hackney Pleasure Driving

Open Roadster Pony to Bike

Road Horse

Open Road Horse to Bike

ASHBA National Select Series Circuit Regions

The country has been divided and ASHBA Regions combined into 8 Regions (see below) for the Select Series Circuit with championships held at selected shows. To be eligible for the Regional Championships an entry must have shown in (1) Select Series class at a qualifying show in that region in that calendar year. Horses can qualify for more than one Regional Championship by showing in a qualifier in those respective regions.


Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Alberta British Columbia


Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota


Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi


Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Ontario (London)




Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee


North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia

REGION 11/12

Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maryland, Delaware, Ontario (Toronto)