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Clarification: ASHA Board Selection Changes

The ASHA and its Board of Directors are always looking for better ways to serve the breed and its members. While ASHA has been fortunate to have some outstanding representation on committees and the board, ASHA has been struggling to achieve the representation required by policies and bylaws. 

ASHA also needs deep expertise in various areas, including communication, finance and organization. Achieving this representation helps the ASHA keep current and address challenges. In reviewing best practices for populating not-for-profit boards, the Nominating Committee for Directors recommended to the Board the following changes, which were unanimously agreed to by the Board: 

    General membership will nominate candidates, who will be vetted through a new application and interview process. Amend the bylaws so that the Nominating Committee for Directors recommends a slate of six candidates plus two alternates to the Board of Directors for consideration from the nominations submitted by the general membership. From those recommendations, the Board of Directors will now vote for six candidates to fill the vacant seats on the board, which was previously voted on by the general membership.

“This is perhaps the most challenging aspect of seating committees and a board -- achieving a balance that represents all Saddlebred disciplines and geographies,” said Marty Schaffel, president of ASHA. “With the growing complexities of promoting our breed, growing our participation and helping our members achieve their goals, we need more committee and board members who represent a broader swath of interests and locations.”

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