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EWAC Working and Raising Funds to Assist with Saddlebreds in Public Seizure Case

The American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association (ASHBA) Equine Welfare Advocacy Committee (EWAC) needs your immediate help to assure they can assist the near 50 American Saddlebreds  that have been legally seized in Yamhill County, Oregon. EWAC is launching a fundraiser to develop much-needed funds to assist these horses. The total estimated it will require to assist these Saddlebreds is upwards of $10,000. The size and needs of this legal seizure and public welfare case will cause a heavy strain on EWAC funds. EWAC is asking anyone who can contribute to their fundraiser today at the link here and support their efforts to help the American Saddlebreds in these legal welfare cases. EWAC is a 501c3, and contributions may be tax-deductible.

The Yamhill County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to the Saddlebred Farm in Carlton, Oregon to check on the welfare of the known 49 horses on the property after receiving a report the water source to the property had been shut off. Under Oregon law, animals must be provided with care sufficient to preserve their health and well-being, including open or adequate access to potable water in sufficient quantity to satisfy the animals’ needs. The lack thereof afforded the Sheriff’s Department grounds to investigate and intervene. A full account of their intervention is available here. 

EWAC is working closely with Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office and their large animal rescue operation partners from Sound Equine Options (SEO) to provide financial assistance in caring for and supporting the administrative costs of first identifying and then registry services necessary for these horses. The quick and decisive actions of the committee have been extremely beneficial to these horses and those working to help them locally. Kim Mosiman, Executive Director of Sound Equine Options had this to share, "Thank you [EWAC] so much. I can easily say that after working a dozen-plus law enforcement seizures, your breed organization has by far been the most helpful! Thank you so much for looking out for your horses. Hopefully, all breeds will follow!" 

Should these horses become available for adoption, EWAC committee chair is assisting by compiling a list of potential adoptees. Please reach out to Kathie Jacobsen directly at

EWAC is funded solely through contributions donated directly to the committee. Bruce Hanson, an early advocate for equine welfare provided the seed money for the Committee to assist organizations and rescues in the following manner:

The Bruce Hanson Grant: It supplies grants to eligible 501c3 organizations and may be applied for every three years. For details, please refer to the Bruce Hanson Grant Application.  

Emergency Funding: As EWAC is not a rescue organization, it cannot step in and directly assist unless there is a seizure by a legal entity (i.e. Animal Control or the local police department) or in the case where EWAC works with a rescue organization in a direct surrender. When a seizure or surrender has occurred, the organization receiving the animals, whether they are 501c(3) or not, may apply for emergency funding. Funds are paid directly to vendors upon submission of invoices.

EWAC is a 501c3, and contributions may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor.

Link to EWAC Fundraiser

More information on the EWAC Policies