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Four ASHBA National Select Series Regional Championships Remain, Declare Today!

The American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association (ASHBA) wants to remind everyone who has a horse or pony that didn't make it to the 2021 World's Championship Horse Show to look into participating in our 2021 ASHBA National Select Series Regional Championships presented by State Line Tack. The mission of the ASHBA National Select Series is to increase the value and experience of showing at ASHBA Star Shows for our members. The 2021 program improvements and new partnerships are allowing this program to better serve the entire horse show community.

“We are excited about the continued growth of the National Select Series program and our new partnerships with the American Hackney Horse Society and American Road Horse and Pony Association," said Executive Director, David Mount.

“This series will strengthen the show horse market by providing classes where horses and ponies of a relative level and members with similar goals can compete against one another,” said Committee Chair, Bob Funkhouser.

The 2020 ASHA National Select Series presented by State Line Tack saw horses all across the country have a special moment in the spotlight and we look forward to seeing that number grow in 2021! Each of these classes offers wonderful custom trophy halters from State Line Tack, top-quality unique ribbons provided by Royal Ribbons and Awards, and Champion hats from ASHBA!

Remaining 2021 Regional Championships Locations:

Region 1/2: California Futurity Horse Show, Las Vegas, NV- Oct 28- Oct 30

Region 4: LASHA Fall Horse Show, Baton Rouge, LA, Oct 22-24.

Region 8: Ocala International Horse Show, Ocala, FL- Oct 26 - Oct 30

Region 11/12: Twin States Octoberfest Horse Show, W. Springfield, MA- Oct 28 - Oct 31

 If you are a show, trainer, or exhibitor looking for opportunities for combinations not on the competition trail to the World’s Championship Horse Show or comparative National Finals be sure to learn more about the ASHBA National Select Series presented by State Line Tack today!

To be eligible, your horse must not have shown at the World’s Championship Horse Show in 2021 and declared for the program.  

2021 Declaration Forms


Downloadable PDF:

List of 2021 Declared Horses

American Saddlebreds:

Hackney Ponies & Road Horses:

Additional information about the program can be found in the ASHBA National Select Series Home Page.  Also, questions can be sent via email to