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The Futurity Prize Programs are making BIG changes to make it easier to WIN BIG!

Pictured: One Ripple Affect courtesy of Howard Schatzberg Photo

In a year full of reflection, change and adaptations, the Registry Kentucky and National Futurities Committee came to the table to review how to make the Registry Futurity Programs bigger, better and more inclusive. Focus groups were formed and stakeholders from all levels of breeders and futurity participants were consulted to look at what could be done to grow the participation in the Futurities and create more incentive for breeders.

The ASR Board has voted to approve the committees’ following recommendations for changes to the Registry Futurity Prize Programs that will begin to start taking effect in 2021:

    Reorganization of the ASR Futurity of Kentucky and ASR National Three-Year-Old Futurity to be unified under one program, one name, and one set of payments and procedures as the “ASR National Futurity. ”This will combine the Kentucky and National Three-Year-Old Futurities into one National Futurity for weanlings, yearlings, two-year-olds and three-year-olds. The unification of the futurity programs will bring a streamlined branding and system to follow for nominations that will be easier to track for all and understand for new participants. The new National Futurity and National Amateur Futurity will begin with 2021 weanling nominations - nominations for these two programs will be due March 31, 2021.   There will be weanling classes held in 2021 for both the National Futurity and National Amateur Futurity.  In 2022, weanling and yearling classes will be held for both, in 2023 two-year-old classes will be held for both, and three-year-old classes in 2024. There will be an expansion of prize money payouts to 1st -8th in the new ASR Futurity classes.  Currently payouts are through 6th place only; now all ribbon winners will receive prize money in the new National Futurity and National Amateur Futurity. Increasing the payouts to the remaining placed competitors will give everyone worthy of a placing in these prestigious classes a piece of the purse. The new payout structure to 8th place, starts with the 2021 weanling classes for the National Futurity and National Amateur Futurity and the Amateur Three-Year-Old Park Pleasure class. Current nominated horses in the Kentucky, Kentucky Amateur and National Three-Year-Old Futurities will still receive payouts to 6th place. Nomination requirements for stallions and mares have been eliminated for the new ASR Futurity programs starting with the 2021 foal crop. Moving forward the weanling nominations will act as the starting point of the nomination process for futurity horses. The annual due date for weanling nominations will be March 31 of the foaling year.  Foals not born by March 31 will need to be nominated in utero by March 31 of their expected foaling year. A Two-Year-Old 3-Gaited class will be added in 2023 to the new National Futurity.  Weanlings nominated for 2021 will be the first group eligible for this exciting new addition to the National Futurity that will be hosted at the World’s Championship Horse Show. The addition of this division will expand the options for two-year-olds from just a Fine Harness futurity to having multiple opportunities to compete for additional prize money and prestige than the open classes.  The National Amateur Futurity will offer a Three-Year-Old Park Pleasure class beginning in 2021 for horses that were nominated and kept eligible for the Kentucky Amateur Futurity in 2018, 2019 and 2020. This class will be hosted at the World’s Championship Horse Show and will expand the National Amateur Futurity to offer Weanling, Yearling, and Two-Year-Old In-Hand and Three-Year-Old Park Pleasure classes.  This futurity is an incentive to amateur breeders, owners and exhibitors to be involved in the development and exhibition of young American Saddlebreds as these classes are for Amateur exhibitors only.

 “Our committee worked hard and listened to breeders, owners and futurity participants from all across our industry in formulating these changes,” shared Committee Chair Smith Lilly, “Most participants agreed that they would like to see a more streamlined process that was easier to understand and keep up with.  We also heard loudly and clearly that we needed to be more accessible to the grass roots of our industry.  In eliminating mare and stallion fees and combining the KY and National Three Year Old Futurities into one program, along with spreading prize money out to allow more people to get a slice of the pie and adding an under saddle division for two year olds, we feel we have been responsive to every segment of our industry and invite all breeders owners and trainers to be a part of these exciting changes!  We are also proud to add an under saddle class for the Amateur Futurity and look forward to seeing increased nominations as a result.” 

It is very important to note The Kentucky and Kentucky Amateur Futurities will be phased out at the end of 2022 and the National Three-Year-Old Futurity will be phased out at the end of 2023. Therefore, yearlings (foaled in 2020), two-year-olds (foaled in 2019) and three-year-olds (foaled in 2018) currently nominated to the Kentucky, Kentucky Amateur and National Three-Year-Old Futurities, will continue to have the same fee/deadline schedule, rules and will show in classes for those programs. Only weanlings in the National Futurity or National Amateur Futurity and the National Amateur Futurity Three Year Old Park Pleasure Class will show under the new futurity program structure for 2021. 


The ASR Futurity Program information will be updated and there will be much continued communication to breeders as we start the New Year in 2021. If you have any questions at this time in regards to the ASR Futurities, please contact Patricia Edwards at 859.259.3899 or email