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Half-Saddlebreds to be Recognized at 2021 American Dutch Harness Horse Finals

Pictured: 2020 Renovo Cup Harness Champion Whiskei Santana (Doug Shiflet)

The American Saddlebred Horse & Breeders Association (ASHBA) are partnering with the American Dutch Harness Horse Association (ADHHA) to recognize the highest placing Half-Saddlebreds at the American Dutch Harness Horse Finals. The Finals will be held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in conjunction with the All-American Classic Horse Show on September 8-11. The highest placing Half-Saddlebreds in each of the championship classes at the Finals will each receive a commemorative ribbon from ASHBA and a discount for the Half-Saddlebred Registry. 

The Half-Saddlebred recognition began two years ago with the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) at the 2019 US National Arabian and Half-Arabian Horse Show. The 2020 Half-Saddlebred ADHHA Finals Recognition was also held to much success in 2020. Top placing Half-Saddlebreds classes were awarded a commemorative ribbon from the Half-Saddlebred Registry. Those efforts were well received from competitors at the show and among breeders from both breeds.  “This is a great collaborative effort to recognize and promote Half-Saddlebreds. I would like to thank the American Dutch Harness Horse Association for their willingness to help make this happen,” said Sandra Currier, former ASR president.  The Half-Saddlebred Registry offers opportunities for recognition across a wide array of disciplines in conjunction with other equine organizations. In addition to the new recognition programs launched in partnership with ADHHA, AHA, and National Show Horse Registry, Saddlebreds and Half-Saddlebreds competed in the Distance Horse National Championship last year and earned breed specific awards. These programs join other longstanding awards programs that include USDF All-Breeds awards, as well as high point awards given out by ASHBA