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Important Changes Regarding Submission of Stallion Service Reports

Photo courtesy of Caitlin Design LLC

Registry Services would like to announce important rule changes regarding stallion service reports effective for the 2021 breeding year.

The new deadline to submit stallion service reports is October 31 of the breeding year.  This is a change from the previous deadline of September 30.  We hope this will allow adequate time for stallion owners, agents and those authorized to sign stallion service reports to submit all pertinent breeding information required by our rules.  In addition, submitting your report by the deadline will ensure that your stallion will be included in The Journal of the American Saddlebred.  Reports sent by mail must be postmarked on or before October 31 and reports submitted electronically must be received by midnight on October 31.  A $100 late fee will be imposed for reports submitted over 10 days late.

Note that the “Withhold Breeder’s Certificate” portion of the report may be checked for any mare for whom you wish to require a breeders’ certificate in order to register any resulting foals.  If you do not have all of the information by the submission due date, additional mares may be added at a later date, however fees may apply.  Prior to December 31 of the breeding year, the Registry may accept up to three amendments to add mares to a previously submitted stallion service report without imposing a penalty fee.  Thereafter, a penalty fee of $20 will be imposed for each mare added to a stallion service report per breeding season.

A stallion service report form can be found here or can be submitted online under the “My Profile Page” on our website at Members.

Should you wish to authorize someone else to sign ASHBA Breeder’s Certificates and ASHBA Stallion Service Reports, please complete a Breeder’s Certificate and Stallion Service Report Authorization form which can be found here.

Please contact Elizabeth Pierson at (859) 259-3883 or at with any questions.