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Platinum Partner Spotlight: Equine Athlete Veterinary Services

Equine Athlete Veterinary Services is an exclusively-equine practice designed to cater to the needs of the equine athlete, at all stages of life. Providing full-service care at your farm or event, Equine Athlete has doctors based in California, Kentucky, Arizona, Michigan, and a hospital located in Pilot Point, Texas. So, what sets them apart? Equine Athlete Veterinary Services is a dedicated team of veterinarians committed to the horse and the future of equine sports medicine. With a mission to provide clients outstanding value in veterinary care through producing predictable and reliable results, it’s no wonder their recipe for success has several moving parts!

Equine Athlete’s commitment to the horse

Every horse is unique and deserves to be approached that way. Equine athletes may have the same job to do, however, we know that does not mean one solution fits all. We understand the importance of approaching each horse as the individual they are; perceived similarities or generalizations among horses is not part of our process. Our team travels nationwide throughout the year, preparing athletes for competition and managing their healthcare at horse shows. Making ourselves available in this capacity gives our clients the competitive advantage of continuity of care for each individual horse.

Equine Athlete’s team approach to success

We appreciate what it takes to successfully manage an equine athlete, and understand that goes beyond proactive, routine, and rehabilitative veterinary care. Our team is not limited to our doctors and support staff: we put in the effort with your trainer, instructor, farrier, grooms/assistants, and at-home veterinarian (if not already one of us, of course!). Our team approach to case management also provides an environment that allows and encourages our doctors -within and across our locations- to consult with each other on different cases as needed, bringing together even more experience and expertise to the care of your horse.

Equine Athlete and the future of equine sports medicine

Equine Athlete Veterinary Services is dedicated to helping owners and trainers accomplish their performance goals, with sound advice based on education, experience, and horsemanship. As a practice, we insist on remaining at the cutting-edge of equine sports medicine through prioritizing continuing education and utilizing the latest in digital diagnostic technology. We have extensive experience with regenerative therapies, including stem cells, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and IRAP ProEAS. We are proud to have built strong relationships with leading diagnostic and therapeutic technology companies, allowing us to have access to and invest in the most advanced technology available.