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Registry Reports Planned Improvements on Behalf of Members

The American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association (ASHBA) Registry Services staff has been working diligently to improve efficiency and customer service and these advancements are now going into effect as a result of the recent merger.

Through working with a Productivity and Process Improvement consultant, two primary goals were identified for the ASHBA Registry Services – to improve customer satisfaction through improving how customers access and interact with our registry services and business and to improve operational and staff efficiency to allow for higher productivity.

“Upon the unification of our member and registry services function under one organization, we have been able to collaboratively analyze and implement improvements at a much more rapid pace. I am proud of the work we have accomplished, and look forward to many more improvements on behalf of our members and the breed being implemented in the coming months,” said Executive Director, David Mount.

With the recent promotion of Katriona Adams to ASHBA Registrar and the formation of the Registry Council, we are excited to share many of the recent advancements that have been put into effect and those that are in the process of being rolled out in the near future.

Registry Council Chair Anna Marie Knipp is passionate about the impact these improvements can have on our members and our breed, sharing, “Our #1 goal right now is to increase our efficiency and take responsibility for creating a better process to serve our members. If we can better serve our breeders, we can encourage more people to breed.”

“I feel privileged to have been offered the position of Registrar and am excited to be playing a more prominent role at this notable time.  We have excellent, hardworking and knowledgeable staff and wonderful volunteer leadership,” shared Katriona Adams 

Recent Registry Services Improvements:  

    We have hired a full time Transfers Associate. We added programming to allow for a higher number of certificates to be printed at a time.  We have eliminated the rule requirement for age certificates which was slowing down some of the registrations from being processed. Frequently Asked Questions documents are now available for registry service of Transfers without Signature of Recorded Owner, How to Register your Half Saddlebreds, and DNA Testing the Unidentified Horse We have invested in desktop scanners for staff to use for scanning and storing documents which will improve efficiency and will help staff access more documentation when working remotely which is still a challenge for us due to Covid 19 restrictions.

 Upcoming Registry Services Improvements:

    Automated email notification system to keep customers informed in response to applications for registration, transfers and other registry transactions received.  Letters will be mailed to customers without email.  We anticipate this will be implemented in the next month. Improved online forms, made possible through the use of Jot Forms. These improved online forms will allow customers to submit registry transactions online which will integrate with live tables in our database.  We anticipate that these will be available in the next couple of months.