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Saddlebred & Half Saddlebred Shine in 2020 AERC National Distance Awards

We are proud to share and celebrate the four leading American Saddlebreds and Half Saddlebreds that earned an American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) National Distance Awards for 2020. These awards are sponsored by VERSA, an ASHBA Charter Club and reward riders of Saddlebred and Half-Saddlebred horses who have registered with the American Saddlebred Registry. Riders must be members in good standing of VERSA but need not be members of ASHA. The Saddlebred and Half-Saddlebred Awards are based on mileage of the rider; riders may accumulate mileage on one or more horses, and in multiple categories. AERC endurance and LD miles count toward the award. Riders have earned and won this award by not only participating in these recognized rides but also by sending their mileage to the VERSA program administrator. Winners are awarded a richly-embroidered cooler to commemorate their achievements.

We encourage anyone thinking of chasing their #asbdreams in Endurance Riding to visit VERSA, AERC, and our Saddlebred Sport Horse Award pages today!

2020 AERC National Distance Award Winners

High Mileage, Limited Distance, by a registered Saddlebred: Co-Winners

Winner (Tied) Buenos Aires Love Affair, owned by Lisa Siderman, 60 miles

Winner (Tied) Havana Love Aphair, owned by Carlos Siderman, 60 miles

High Mileage, Limited Distance, by a registered Half-Saddlebred: Kourageous Northern Prince, owned by Lisa Siderman, 60 miles

High Mileage, Endurance Distance, by a registered Saddlebred: Mo Motion Jack, owned by Natalie Law, 255 miles

High Mileage, Endurance Distance, by a registered Half-Saddlebred: Raven’s Nevermore, owned by Lindsay Nichols, 150 miles