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As Seen in Saddle Horse Report: ASHBA Select Series Soars

Feature from Saddle Horse Report written by Bob Funkhouser

It has taken a little bit the ASHBA National Select Series presented by State Line Tack has firmly taken hold in Kentucky as evidenced at the Lexington Junior League Show. The oldest section of the Select Series program, Melissa Moore had the “Bluegrass Select Series” up and running for a few years before the National program was organized and trainers locally and out of state are taking notice.

The program, created for horses not showing at the World’s Championship Horse Show to have a level playing field, has seen a strong increase in entries with the Junior League classes being particularly strong in most areas.

 “This shows the need for the program,” said Bret Day following one of the large classes at Rolex Arena. “The entries were good and the program provided an opportunity for some exhibitors to show at Lexington in a competitive way. These are all nice, usable horses.”

“We knew it would take a while, but the trainers are finally getting this is a viable division giving horses at that level a great opportunity to compete,” said ASHBA Committee Chair Bob Funkhouser. “We couldn’t be happier with the turnout and the quality of middle market horses that are being shown in this division. This is what the program was intended for.”

Danette Musselman was one of the winning trainers participating at Lexington this year.

“I think the Select Series are a necessary class for our industry to help move new/green riders or horse combinations away from advanced Louisville riders and horses,” said Musselman. “The Select classes have been very competitive this season with most having large numbers! This is a great backbone for our industry.

 “They can’t all be world’s champions and this class gives them the opportunity to be a part of the Lexington Junior League and other major shows. My client, Haeleigh Anderson and Ashlyn’s Beach Nut, won the John Deere Mower through the Select Series drawing last year, making the program extra special for her. She has supported the classes since day one (Bluegrass Select Series) so it could not have happened to a better girl. She works her butt off in the barn for me.”

You can learn more about participating as a competitor or a horse show at the National Select Series program page.