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Stallion Sweeps Program Suspended for 2022

The Stallion Sweeps program, offered jointly by American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association (ASBHA) and the United Breeders Committee (UBC), is being suspended for 2022. The Stallion Sweeps is an annually licensed gaming program through the state of Kentucky. Due to the 2021 merger, the required licensing credentials are not able to be granted in time to offer the program this upcoming year. ASHBA and UBC look forward to renewing the Stallion Sweeps in the future to continue its great work to help promote breeding.   

2021 Stallion Sweeps Drawing Live from Willowbank Farm

Stallion Sweeps Success Story: WC Jovial

WC Jovial is the culmination of #asbdreams brought into reality by the Stallion Sweeps program. This talented young mare is the result of a winning ticket from the 2017 Stallion Sweeps drawing.Susan Fuller-Roetman the mother of Ethan Roetman, a devoted young professional, was the lucky owner of the winning ticket pulled from Joe Fabulous’ s drawing. This “luck of the draw” brought the Roetman Family into the breeding business. Not having bred a horse before or in ownership of a mare the Roetmans were able to lease Angel Of Glory, who proved to partner well with Joe Fabulous and produced this world’s champion for their first foal ever raised!When the Roetman’s congratulated Jovial’s next owner Desilu LLC, Ethan had this to share, “Thank you to the ASHA Stallion Sweeps program for making this breeding possible. As a first time breeder along with Kirk Roetman and Susan Fuller-Roetman, this young mare will hold a special place in our hearts.”