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Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: Will My Vote Count?


Several members have reached out to us asking if their vote for the merger and the two representatives on the Nominating Committee for Directors will count if they vote by proxy. The answer is emphatically, yes!  The point and purpose of giving your proxy to another person is to be sure your vote is counted, without the need to be present at the meeting. The ASHA bylaws state that, “each member entitled to vote shall be entitled to one vote either in person or by proxy on each matter submitted to a vote of members.” 

The language is consistent with the proxy language from all prior membership meetings (in fact, it is less broad!). This year, an attorney suggested that we set up the proxy to be held by two individuals, because the Annual Meeting will be held virtually and we need a back-up in case of technical difficulties. 

When you vote by proxy you are authorizing someone to vote on your behalf. The proxy cannot change your vote -- only deliver your vote in your absence, and in this era of virtual meetings, without dealing with the computer technicalities. 

Also, several have asked what happens if other important business came up during the Annual Meeting.  Any other important business (beyond the amendment of the articles of incorporation and the merger that are specifically being voted on) would require advance notice to the members, so the answer to that question is that no other vote can be taken on any matter – other than adjournment. 

This year, with such an important vote on the agenda, ASHA wanted to go above and beyond to make sure all potential voting members received the meeting notice and proxy. We mailed out over 4,400 notices to members as of the date of the expiration of 2020 memberships, and we have also provided members with the option to vote online. 

If you have questions about the merger, I encourage you to attend and the Town Hall on Wednesday, January 27 at 5:00 p.m. ET. The Joint Merger Task Force will be presenting the benefits of the merger and they, along with the ASHA and ASR attorneys will be available to answer your questions.  You can register for the Town Hall HERE. 

So again, if you are planning to attend the Annual Meeting, you can vote for yourself during the meeting. If you are not planning to attend the Annual Meeting, we encourage you to vote by proxy. If you have any questions please reach out to me directly at 

Thank you,

David Mount

Executive/Director CEO

American Saddlebred Horse Association