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Tennessee Saddlebred Futurity Moves to Alabama Charity

The Tennessee Saddlebred Futurity was a great success at the Southern Saddlebred Finale in October 2020, and the team that puts it together was anxious to continue the momentum. Unfortunately, the Southern Saddlebred Finale was cancelled for 2021, so the Futurity had to find a new host.

The Alabama Charity Championship Horse Show in Decatur, Ala., scheduled for Oct 6-9, stepped up to the plate and offered their show as the place to showcase the Tennessee Futurity in 2021.

The original American Saddlebred Association Breeders of Tennessee was established by Mrs. David Neil, (Bess Neil) of Blythewood Farms. She strongly believed in the futurities, and that the bringing out of young horses was one way to encourage breeding, showing, promoting and selling of our gorgeous breed. In the last year, a group of East Tennessee Saddlebred Association members decided to go back to Bess Neil's program and promote the saddlebred in this way. They re-organized the the newly-renamed TN Saddlebred Futurity and in an effort to allow everyone to compete, established an "Amnesty" Program to get more members involved. The Amnesty program will last for at least the next two years, so owners can consider nominating their un-nominated yearling, 2-yr old or 3-yr old colts to win money and have fun doing it.

The TN Saddlebred Futurity is very grateful  to The Alabama Charity State Championship Horse Show for hosting the Futurity in 2021! They are so thankful that they can showcase their babies in Decatur, AL this year. And they hope that the AL, GA, SC and MS barns join in the fun. Nomination forms are online at and are due by September 15, 2021.

There are many small Tennessee Saddlebred breeders who are not aware of the Futurity and the opportunities it gives small breeders to show their babies and get awards, money and the prestige of being a ribbon winner in the TN Saddlebred Futurity. For more information, go to for forms and payment information. Also check out the Facebook page: Tennessee Futurity or TN Saddlebred Futurity. Go to for the updated class list for Alabama Charity Horse Show including the Futurity classes of Amateur and Open Weanling In Hand, Amateur and Open Yearling In Hand, and Amateur and Open Two-Year-Old In Hand, as well as Two-Year-Old Walk/Trot under saddle, snaffle bit and running martingale, and Three-Year-Old Walk/Trot/Canter under saddle with full bridle or snaffle bit and running martingale.