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USDF Celebrates Saddlebreds in Dressage for September

Pictured: CH-SH New York City Slicker & Jody Swimmer

Celebrating Saddlebreds!!  This month on United States Dressage Federation's YourDressage, they are celebrating the graceful Saddlebred and Saddlebred crosses of all kinds.

Dressage riders who choose Saddlebreds as their mounts are eligible for Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Awards as the American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association is a Participating Organization.

USDF and ASHBA recently asked our social media followers to share about what makes these horses so special.

Social Media Submissions Gallery Part 1  

Social Media Submissions Gallery Part 2 

Saddlebred September Features

A Life Spent With Saddlebreds

My adventures with Saddlebreds began in 1995. My family had purchased the Saddlebred stallion Flight Time Gold. He was magnificent. Platinum mane and tail, so much sheen he shimmered in the sun, a partial blue eye, a blaze, and two high whites in the back. He was like a horse out of a fairy tale. My family wanted to breed Saddlebreds for sport, mainly dressage, three day eventing, and driving. He was the key to building those dreams.

From FEI Young Riders to Adopting an American Saddlebred: Reflections from Year One

This year, I’ve been patiently standing in the wash rack with hose in hand, watching for this horse’s eyes to soften before I spray. This year, I’ve been grabbing a fistful of chestnut mane as we venture outside of the arena. This year, I’ve been gaining the trust of a horse who has every reason not to trust anymore.

Lightning Struck Blue

I have had Lightning Struck Blue, aka Red, for 14 years now. He is a 21-year-old gelding. My love for Saddlebreds started years ago when I took a few lessons on them. As life took me away from horses, and I raised a family, I never lost my love for them. I was lucky enough to be able to buy Red when I was 50 years old.

Saddlebreds – Versatility in a Single Package

I have been passionate about riding for over four decades.  My journey into dressage was kind of a winding road due to my commitment to riding and showing American Saddlebred horses.