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VERSA Announces Mae Condon American Saddlebred Versatility Award

The late Mae Condon (1929 –2017) is well remembered for her dedication to the American Saddlebred in every discipline. Mae and her husband John discovered America’s horse through a beloved mare that led Mae to lifelong mission of introducing people to Saddlebreds. Recalls Susan Vine, co-founder of VERSA, “When we met many years later, Mae and I were both amazed and delighted to discover that the mare who kindled Mae’s love for the breed had been bred by my father.” A Saddlebred farm owner in her native Wisconsin, Mae relocated to Lexington, Kentucky to serve as American Saddlebred Horse Association Administrative Assistant. After five years as Hackney World magazine editor Mae returned to ASHA to assist with the newly formed Charter Club Council. Her advocacy for Saddlebred versatility led Mae to co-found the American Saddlebred Versatility Association (VERSA). In her many roles, Mae introduced thousands of people to American Saddlebreds. The American Saddlebred never had a better friend than Mae Condon. Her legacy lives on in promotion of breed growth and recognition of the Saddlebred’s talents and abilities in many disciplines.

The Mae Condon Award is presented by The American Saddlebred Versatility Association and sponsored by Susan Vine in honor of Mae’s service to the Saddlebred and her advocacy for multiple uses and disciplines for these magnificent and athletic horses.

This award is presented to the person or people who exemplify long-term commitment to the versatile uses of the American Saddlebred Horse or Half Saddlebred through promoting their use in all disciplines such as but not limited to use as a Sport Horse, Eventing, Jumping, Dressage, Distance Riding, Combined Driving or in the Hunt field, use in Ranch work, exhibition in public events such as parades and demonstrations, organizing or participating in horse shows and/or breeding American Saddlebreds or Half Saddlebreds for multiple uses.

Please submit a brief résumé of the nominee’s involvement with Saddlebreds or Half Saddlebreds detailing the activities participated in, several photos of the horse or horses used or bred, and length of time the nominee has been involved. Preference is given to those nominees with extensive service and participation in multiple areas.

Applications are due by Dec.1. Please email to  Winner/winners will be notified by mid-December.

Pictured: Mae Condon riding Vine’s Moonlight Fair, the mare who won the whole Condon family over to the breed.  Her daughter, Pat, is in front.