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Lexington, KY- March 27, 2024 - In response to recent developments surrounding the World's Championship Horse Show (WCHS), the American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association (ASHBA) is pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated webpage to serve as a news hub for its members. This webpage will provide timely updates and information as the situation evolves.


The new webpage located here, will serve as a central source for members to stay informed about the latest news regarding WCHS. Updates will be provided regularly as new information becomes available, ensuring that members have access to the most current updates and announcements.


As always, ASHBA remains dedicated to its membership and the breed it represents. As the situation surrounding WCHS continues to evolve, ASHBA will continue to provide updates and information to its members.


For more information and to stay informed, please visit the new webpage here.