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World’s Championship Horse Show Town Hall Video & FAQ

The American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association (ASHBA) hosted a 2021 World’s Championship Horse Show Town Hall on Monday, August 16 at 1:30 PM ET to answer questions submitted by members about the show.  The panelists included from Kentucky Venues:  David Beck, President and CEO; Bobby Bell, Director of Expositions; Ian Cox, Executive Director of Communications; Kevin Moore, General Manager of Kentucky Exposition Center.  From the World’s Championship Horse Show: Scarlett Mattson, Horse Show Manager. From the Kentucky State Fair Board:  Edward Bennett.   The Town Hall was moderated by David Mount, Executive Director of ASHBA. 

WATCH the full video of 2021 WCHS Town Hall. 

DOWNLOAD and read the 2021 WCHS Town Hall FAQ

COVID Protocol Questions 

Where are masks required?  What about North Wing stabling area? 

Masks will be required in all indoor areas. This includes the North Wing stabling and vendor areas. The mask mandate will be kept and updated as needed to stay in ordinance with the state and local guidelines. WCHS attendees can stay up to date HERE. 

Will fairgoers be allowed in the Freedom Hall concourse and the North Wing? 

Yes, regular fairgoers will be allowed to have access to the common areas of Freedom Hall which includes concourse, concessions, and restrooms. 

If you are socially distanced indoors do you have to wear a mask? 

Yes, even when you are socially distanced indoors you are are expected to follow all mask and covid policies during the World’s Championship Horse Show and Kentucky State Fair. 

If you are vaccinated do you have to wear a mask indoors? 

Yes, even WCHS attendees who have been fully vaccinated are expected to follow all mask and covid policies during the World’s Championship Horse Show and Kentucky State Fair. 

What other COVID protocols will be in place outside of masking? 

KY Venues will be providing additional hand sanitizing and washing stations throughout the entire Kentucky State Fair property. Facility management will also continue to use elevated cleaning standards and practices in all areas. The show facilities will be on the same cleaning schedule and standards as last year.


Horse Show Questions 

When will Freedom Hall be available for schooling, both prior to the show starting and once it has started? 

Freedom Hall will open for schooling starting Thursday (August 19) morning.  Freedom Hall will close at 12:00 pm before the first Saturday performance to set up and decorate the arena for the horse show.  During the remainder of the show, Freedom Hall will be closed from 7:30 am -9:00 am and 5:30 pm before each evening session. This includes Sunday when the arena will be closed from 7:30 AM-9:00 am for cleaning.  Tuesday the arena will close early for the First Timer Celebration that begins at 5:00 pm before that evening session. 

Address when lights will go down to 25% (or lower) at night in the North Wing, and what level will they be during the day? 

The lights in the North Wing stabling area have been improved and will allow for more scheduled level changes. The lights will be dimmed to 25% or lower starting at 12:00/1:00 am each day. In addition the lights in that area are being set to be kept at 50% at all other times. 

When North Wing first opened for stalls people moved equipment in with pickup trucks or golf carts.  Then Gators were available.  Last year was a free for all and very challenging for some people not stabled close to doors.  What is the plan for this year to get equipment moved into the building? 

There will not be venue provided Gators this year to help move equipment into the North Wing stabling area. Pick-up trucks and personal utility vehicles will be permitted to move equipment and set-up materials to your stall locations. These vehicles are permitted for dropping off materials only and must be immediately removed from North Wing following unloading.  

Where will trailer parking be this year? 

Trailer parking will be over by the armory as it has been in past years prior to 2020 

When will dragging and watering of outside work rings take place?

The ring drags and watering are planned to take place right before the end of the morning session and at the end of the night session. 

Will the stabling areas be like last year (spread out/wide aisles, etc.) or will it be like 2019? 

The stabling areas will be set up like they were in 2019. There will be no increased aisle way widths or pathways. 

Where will the horse show office be and how will the office hours work this year? 

The WCHS Horse Show Office will be located in its traditional location in the trailer next to Stopher’s Walk. The in office traffic will be limited again this year as it was in 2020. Anyone wishing to come to the office to work with horse show staff must make an appointment. An online appointment request form is available HERE. 

How will the horse show office be communicating splits, orders of go and class updates? Where will those be posted? App? Horse show office? 

Class splits, orders of go and other major changes will be posted in and outside horse show office, at the paddock announcer crow’s nest at the end of Stopher’s Walk. These updates will also be pushed out on the ASHBA App and Horse Shows Online when show staff provides them with the information.

Will the Saddlebred Café be open this year?  What about vendors in North Wing? 

Yes, the Saddlebred Café will be open to dine during the show and we will have the normal vendor area in that part of the North Wing. 

Will there will be food available in outside barn areas by Stopher’s Walk? 

Yes, there will be food stands and concessions near the outdoor barn areas. They will be in same locations as during last year’s show. 

Will access to the North Wing be restricted this year? 

All fair attendees will have access to the vendor area of the North Wing, but the stabling area will be accessible to horse show related attendees only. To access that North Wing stabling area you will need to have the proper credentials. The passes for the North Wing stabling area are available at the horse show office. 

Will passes be available to access North Wing for exhibitors in outside barns? 

Yes, but horse show attendees with outdoor stabling will need to get passes from the horse show office to have access to the indoor North Wing area stabling. 

How will those parked in the VIP parking lot access Freedom Hall? 

The attendees with VIP parking are encouraged to avoid creating foot traffic in make-up/stopher’s walk area. They have increased the amount of parking spaces in the VIP closer to the west side entrance doors and encourage attendees to walk along the east side of Stopher’s Walk and access Freedom Hall through the east side doors. 

Will Exhibitor Passes allow access to Stopher’s Walk during the show? 

No, in effort to increase safety in the warm-up areas exhibitors passes will not get you access to the make-up area or Stopher’s Walk when you are on foot. 

Have there been any updates to the work areas or make-up arena? 

Yes, the work area and make up area has been expanded off of Stopher’s Walk. Shifting the tented area’s work arena to closer to Stopher’s Walk has allowed expansions to be made for warming up and working horses during the WCHS. 

Have there been any updates to the tented stabling area for this year’s show? 

Yes, the main tented stabling are this year will no longer have stalls directly on the concrete or asphalt. All stalls are installed on top of limestone pads to improve stabling conditions for horses during the show. This is being done to decrease the problems created if it rains during the show in addition to providing better conditions for preparing stalls for horses. 

Traffic, Parking and Facility Access Questions 

Will there be an exhibitor’s gate this year?  Will it be for both golf carts and vehicles?

There will be the gate at the bowling alley for exhibitors, but it will be for golf cart traffic ONLY. In addition it is recommended that all horse show vehicle traffic use gates 2, 4, &/or 6 during any Saturday or Sunday of the show. To handle the increased weekend traffic to the fair all main gate, Gate 1, traffic will be routed to the grass parking areas and cause difficulty for vehicles traveling to the barn areas to get to those locations.  

How will gates and admission work this year? 

Admissions this year will be done through using electronic ticket scanners. All horse show tickets will be scanned at all locations, including the golf cart gate at bowling alley. 

Where will the parking areas be for horse show exhibitors? 

Horse Show parking locations will be in their traditional locations. Paid reserve passes will have a designated area in E lot and will be set up as in years past. 

How will traffic and gate issues be communicated to exhibitors? 

Any traffic, parking, or gate issues or updates will be communicated through the ASHBA App and KY Venues property/event social media pages.  ASHA App for Apple or Android.  KSF for Facebook and Twitter. 

Will there be parking available near permanent barns? 

Yes, there will limited parking in the D lot, nearest Barn A, for horse show exhibitors. This will be accessible by getting a horse show parking pass from the horse show office.