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Board of Directors


President – Allen Bosworth
Vice President – Chris Schubert
Treasurer – Rachel Seifert
Secretary – Clif Paulsen

Term Expires in 2025

Allen Bosworth, South Carolina
Jennifer Dixon, California
James Nichols, Louisiana
Christy Parker, Georgia
Joe O'Brien, Kentucky
Malissa Welke, Oklahoma

Term Expires in 2026

Kristen Bagdasarian, Kentucky
Juliette Dell, Texas
Larry Hartsock, Virginia
Anna Marie Knipp, Missouri
Smith Lilly, West Virginia
John Scheidt, Indiana

Term Expires in 2027

Julie Behrends-Jones, Kentucky
Diane Hauslein, Virginia
Clif Paulsen, Iowa
Chris Schubert, Tennessee
Rachel Seifert, Kentucky
Joan Todd, Ohio